#326 Arthur’s Seat Chairlift

On the last day of our holidays, we went to a place that has fascinated me for quite some time.

I heard about the failed chairlift when we first holidayed in Arthur’s Seat sometime in 2012. All I knew was that there had been a chairlift, there had been an accident, and therefore it wasn’t in operation anymore.

However, following our recent Sea Change, the chairlift was recently revamped and reintroduced late last year, and my curiosity spiked ten-fold once again. Made more so by the fact that here I was, living in my dream location, and friends of mine were driving over to the area and going on the chairlift, before I even had a chance to!

Grrr, argh.

Today though, following a cloudy morning, bliss:

I’ve decided it would be amazing to view the area in each season: so now we can tick off Abundant Summer, then follow it with Shedding Autumn, Still Winter, and Flowering Spring, to see the changes in atmosphere, in landscape, and just generally in Life.

And also, my urge to go many more times as soon as possible is that baby girl will get in for free for only another 8 months.

If you have the opportunity I urge you to go. It is a truly meditative experience.


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