#328 Pool Days no.1

After a dip in the pool, some splashing, some laughing, and a lot of digging around for those rings baby girl had been throwing out for us to retrieve from the deep end, we sat inside. Talking about how baby girl did so well blowing bubbles, dipping her face into the water, and tilting her head back so her hair got wet, in preparation for a back-stroke position.

If this had been a swimming lesson, she would have received a certificate at the end of it. Her aunty should know: she used to be a swimming teacher for the littlies.

Some snacks, more talking. Then the coffee.

“Gee it smells good,” I said as it was being made.

10 minutes later, and then this:

Me: “I’m so glad I had a coffee, I needed it.”

Sis: “Mine went down really good as well, I could go another… do you want one?”

Pause. Actually, too long of an indecision on my behalf, embarrassingly so for this coffee-lover. But 10 minutes later, and we were both on our second.

It’s lovely how some moments amplify your day, and are characteristic of the whole of it.

Taking two, because one is not enough. It never is, is it?

Do you get it???

Pool Days #1.


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