#334 Tabbouleh from The Kitchen Passport

It’s always a really satisfying feeling when you find a ‘keeper’ recipe. More so when it’s simple, fresh, healthy AND incredibly moorish.

I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to help a fellow blogger out a while back, who needed testers for a cookbook she wanted to publish of recipes that she had gathered and been inspired by from her around-the-world travels.

Back then with the help of my trusty assistant baby girl, we dished up the Chocolate Filled Donuts – to rave reviews from us all in the household – and only a few weeks ago did I receive the final cookbook edition in the mail, something I had been eagerly looking forward to.

Tonight I made tabbouleh, with my eyes on Jess’ falafel recipe for later on in the week. The tabbouleh was amazing, such a simple yet wow dish, and Hubbie could not stop going back for more.



If you’re interested in purchasing the book, more details can be found here. I highly recommend it, and cannot wait to try out some more!

Oh. And page 23. Just sayin’.


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