#345 Shopping with my girl

I had a great day out shopping with my princess.

Our successful buys were:


1 pair of pants, leather-looking moto chick style

1 pair of pants, grey with gold dots

1 pair of pants, with bright orange zig zag stripes going across them

1 pair of pants, black stripes with Mickey Mouse silhouette on the knees – ALL size 3-4.


A packet of pastel-coloured underwear

A packet of Frozen-themed underwear – ALL size 3-4.


A kinder surprise.


A small bag of groceries.


And a Peppa Pig lego-style classroom playset…


Can you tell who was the successful one shopping???


We are still at the stage of shopping where her stuff comes easi-er, my stuff… eh, not so much.

It’s not that baby girl won’t let me shop – hey, survey the above, and my lucky bag of groceries! – it’s just that if I am really looking for myself, I need someone to look after her while I do it… and then let’s face it, I need another person to help me decide what the hell I should buy too.

So really I need another 2 people when we head out. One for her, one for me.

I’m not really complaining. Not really… I know it’s just a stage, only it would be so much easier knowing when this stage would end.

However, what made it all worthwhile, was at the end, when we were heading back to our car through the shopping centre, me holding about 7 bags in my right hand so I could hold baby girl’s hand in the left, manoeuvring her quicker through the crowds.

She willingly held my hand. And pressed in close to me as we walked, giving me kisses on my leg.

Awww. This girl. Even when she demands to hold her own toy bag, and then makes me carry it 30 seconds later, I still love her so, soooo much. How could I not? She has my heart forever.


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