#346 Driving in to work

I think you might just be killing the gratitude game if you, like me, are finding things to be appreciative of when driving to work.

What?! Happy and grateful, going to work?!

It’s true, it’s true. And what was on today’s special forecast for gratitude you might ask?

Sunrise, foggy landscape, and music.

Simple, but sooo awakening.

First up. I loved these photos my ‘car personal assistant’ took while on the M3. The first is of the pretty pink sky, and in the next photo you can even see the fog along the horizon.



Of course, my ‘car personal assistant’ didn’t really do the scenery any real justice, you just had to be there to see it for yourself. But, you get the picture (pun totally intended).

Second, the music. It was 6am, and all the music coming out of FOX FM was pretty damn good. It wasn’t just all repetitive commercial crap: I found a few current boppy ones I liked, yes, but the playlist interlacing all the recent stuff seemed to be from a few years back, and they were all songs I liked. The songs that had me bopping and singing along even before I had any breakfast in me, were:

Cosby Sweater – Hilltop Hoods

Shape Of You – Ed Sheeran

Firestorm – Kygo ft. Conrad Sewell

I Don’t Wanna Live Forever – Zayn ft.Taylor Swift

Shine – Years & Years

She Wolf (Falling to Pieces) – David Guetta ft. Sia

The whole point of this gratitude journal is to show all the different ways and places that gratitude can be found… and if you can achieve that on a cool Saturday morning on your way to work, after only 5 hours of sleep… then I think you’re doing ok.


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