#348 Banana bread

A cold February day? Under 20? What?!

Why, this dreary day called for nothing else but my humble and awfully dependable

Jamie Oliver Banana Bread recipe!

For the last few weeks I had been hoping we’d buy too many bananas and I’d have a few left over that were turning that deep yellow-brown, but in this household it seems bananas never last too long. We eat them every day, and no one more so than baby girl who includes them as a regular part of her diet.

So when the house was cold upon waking up, the skies were grey, and the mood was matching, during my grocery shop I deliberately picked up 3-4 ultra yellow bananas for one thing in mind.

That one thing in mind, came to fruition late this afternoon.


I think the spectacular thing about this bread, which is soooo simple, is the addition of a sprinkling (or few tablespoons if you prefer as I do) of demerara sugar upon the loaf before you pop it in the oven for baking. It’s a Jamie tip, and it allows for a beautiful sugary crust that has you smacking your lips.

Like I said, simple.

And tonight I served it alongside some fresh vanilla ice cream, and really, what does a dreary day have on home-made banana bread? Nothing my dears, nothing.

Banana bread – 1. Dreary day – 0.

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