#382 First face painting

Today was a monumental day for baby girl – she got through her very first face painting.

This is a BIG deal. For about a year, every time we came across any kind of face painting artist, be it at a festival, street fair, shopping centre, or a Christening, she has ALWAYS wanted to get it done.

But… she has never followed through. She would stand in line, watch the other kid’s faces get painted, even tell me that she wanted to be a butterfly, lion, tiger, dog…

And then she would be up next, and MASSIVE cold feet would ensue. She would yell out, run off, and protest as if we were making her do it.

I was seriously pissed when one time after one such denial of face painting, the tired face painter who was nearing the end of her 15-hour shift it seemed, said that we couldn’t force it on her, and that we should let her decide on her own.

Um, lady. This girl was telling me she wanted face paint for 3 blocks, so don’t tell me I’m forcing my own daughter. Do you think I like standing in line?

So after a few many failed attempts, and then a lot of months spent talking about face painting, just you know, whenever, along with much watching of other kids getting their faces painted on youtube (ahhh youtube) it appears someone got over their fear…

Today at a family fun day at Mercetta for the Labour Day weekend, baby girl stood in line behind 4 other girls, first saying she wanted to be a Lion, then a Tiger, then a Butterfly, and then a Cat.

Frankly I didn’t know if we would get to any of those. But I kept her in the line and hoped for the best.

I was surprisingly amazed that she happily sat in front of the artist when it came to her turn, and let the lady get to work… making her a DOG!


She squirmed under the ticklish paint brush, and moved about A LOT, but she did it, with no protests!

Just another indication, our little girl is growing up 🙂

It was as big a thing for her, as it was for us 🙂


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