#393 Enjoying the burn

I never thought I’d be so happy to have really uncomfortable stomach pain. But, I am.

After dinner, this growing feeling I’d had throughout the day in my middle region just kept intensifying. Totally manageable, but still… ouch.

Was it our dinner? I hadn’t really over-eaten. I certainly didn’t think I had over-indulged in the carbs. I have been watching myself, and today being the day baby girl goes to kinder, is also the day I get to workout at home alone, and the fact of working out actually supresses my need to eat anything too heavy or junk f00d like. It’s great like that.

It was only after realising, that this was a bit of a different stomach pain, more concentrated on the tummy muscles, that I realised –


It was working.

Yep, I still have a long way to go to where I want to be. But to know that finally, the moves I’ve been practicing at are finally starting to pay off… well, it is gratifying. Obviously. I’m getting it. And by getting it, I’m able to throw myself into the actions and exercises more fully, therefore…

Feeling the burn. Yes.

Let’s all stop for a second and thank the Lord that there are home workout DVDs. If not, poor unsuspecting persons would have to be subject to watching me in gym classrooms, trying like hell to work out how to perform ‘that’ certain movement, and only getting it at the 6th repetition .

“6… 7… 8… now turn.”

It is so annoying.

But, like I said, I’m getting it.

So now, less annoying… but more BURN.

Slowly but surely. Slowly but surely.

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