#394 The bond they still share

Distance could have become an issue. I didn’t really believe it would, but then again, nothing is certain in life, is it?

However I did learn for sure today, that it definitely was NOT an issue. Baby girl and I don’t see my parents as much as we used to, only because we are a mere one hour 20 drive from them now…

After 1pm today, as I approached the freeway exit, baby girl and I had some kind of interaction that had me going ‘she is God-damn so bloody adorable.’ I leant behind me at the red light I was waiting at, to pat her leg.

“I love you princess.”

She indicated she loved me too, pointing to herself and then to me, as if her love was going out to me.

“Awww, thanks! You love me too?”

She then pointed to either side of her, like she does when she we are at the dinner table and she says she loves both her Dad and I – she sits in-between us. She also started repeating his name.

“Daddy will be happy to hear that!” Then a thought occurred to me.

“Do you love Baka and Deda?”

“Yeah.” With a wide, shy smile, no hesitation. No pondering required. I smiled widely back, and minutes later after pulling into their driveway, she showed her grandparents just how much she loved them, by giving them warm hugs and gentle kisses.

And as I watched the love exchange between the 3 of them, my heart just grew and grew.

Nothing could be better. No sunset, no perfectly-executed coffee, no sleep-in, no shopping spree, and no page-turning book, could compare to what was unfolding there at my parents’ front door today.

Nothing compares. Not when it’s from my very own daughter. And not when it’s from my very own parents.


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