#402 It’s not so bad

It’s a pleasant moment when you see that something that has been stewing, something that you’ve been brewing on over and over in your mind, turns out to be not so horrible.

Sometimes, ‘it’s all in your head,’ can be a refreshing relief.

You know how you think you will gain satisfaction by giving someone a piece of your mind? You will let them know just what you think of them, you will get all their grievances off your chest, and you will sit proudly, knowing your conscience is clean?

Well, sometimes that doesn’t happen. Often, NONE of it actually does. As a human race we are all about thinking we want to confront someone, when in actual fact we are happier tiding things over, smoothing it out, and moving forward like everything is ok.

This is not necessarily a bad thing. Moving along, means you don’t hold onto things. Moving on, is your way of letting go. Not of hurts afflicted towards you, but of bad feelings harbouring inside of you.

This is what I did tonight.

I was on the defence, more so than a losing NBA team. But as the night wore on, I saw with relief, and some happiness, that all the horrible scenarios I had played out in my mind, were not to be… that night anyway.

Maybe they will NEVER be. But I shall be grateful for the peace of the night, and hope that whatever the ‘next time’ will bring, I will be wiser and smarter, and strong in knowing how to deal with it… whether things are still ‘in my head,’ or somehow, spew themselves out.

For niceties sake, knowing your head was wrong in its bad imaginings, is a great thing.

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