#405 “Thanks!” or “Change!” ?!

She says “change” or something to that effect, but really she means “thanks.”

She’s been expressing her gratitude for little things lately (aww, starting early 🙂 ), and it makes my heart just about burst.

She didn’t say it when we went to Cruden Farm today.

She didn’t say it after we waited 50 minutes for her to jump on a trampoline with 5 other kids for the measly duration of 5 minutes.

She didn’t say it when she saw the massive dinosaurs interactively walk past.

Nor did she say it in the car when we were away from the heat, and I gave her a packet of crisps to tide her by.

She didn’t say it when I handed her her happy meal in the Maccas drive-through.

No. But baby girl said it moments later at our dining table, as she was opening her happy meal: she poured out her fries on a spread-out napkin, happily took out her Barbie pony toy, and then saw that she also had nuggets.

“Oh!” was her gasping response.

“Do you like it?” I asked her.

“Ohhh,” she replied fondly, hugging the packet of warm nuggets to her chest, smiling with her chin pointed down to one side, eyes squinty as she said “Change.”

LOL. ‘Thanks.’

Having her say “thanks” is about the sweetest thing in the world. Because not only does she recognise that she is getting something special (she is 3 and a half and has only had a happy meal twice in her life – mind you our next child will probably have had 30 by the same age, part of the deal when the older sibling influences the younger), but she is recognising that it is important to be thankful for it. Appreciative.

Grateful 🙂 All for a packet of nuggets. I love it.


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