#413 Arriving on time, AND with coffee (no less)

It’s nice to find a simple thing to make you happy when you are headed to work. This isn’t really hard for me, since I really enjoy where I work, but still, I had to leave Hubbie and baby girl this afternoon as I went on my merry way…

I hadn’t had a coffee yet, and the thought occurred to me: get one on the way in! I usually don’t get coffee when I start a later work shift, as I usually have already had it somewhere during the day already. But with multiple appointments scheduled for this morning, rush rush rushing, I just didn’t get the time.

Also, for the last 4 times or so I have had a late-r shift, I have been, well LATE. This has peeved me off to no end. Today I vowed I would get there so early I would have to wait for a desk, and so when the thought of coffee occurred to me, it was just a perfect match.

Nothing paints the picture of a cool and composed person with everything going their way, than a person who arrives at work 15 minutes early, WITH a coffee!

I mean, not only am I that prepared to be at work so early… but I got a coffee too. Early, like a boss. 😉


This is me walking in to work with said coffee. I mean, the fact that I stopped and took a photo, further proves how in front I am today…

🙂 Winning.

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