#420 NBN offer

It’s nice when something you’ve been meaning to do for a while, falls into your lap.

This is in no way an advertisement for my internet provider, which is why I won’t mention them here – but today, they did good.

I did good.

I’ve been receiving messages and letters in the mail from them about NBN arriving to our fair side of town (YAY!). I’ve been wanting to look into it, but alas, no time, Mumhood, and life in general.

For the weirdest yet best I-will-not-question-it-reason, I was actually looking for ways to pass my time with my personal hobbies this evening, as Hubbie took over the cooking reigns for the night. As I was doing so, my phone rang.

Internet provider. And of course, they were trying to get me over on the NBN.

Sold and sold. But can I just suggest to any others out there in the same wanting-to-get-on-the-NBN boat, one minor yet massive thing?

If your/an internet provider gives you an offer too good to refuse – well, refuse it. Odds are they will want to put you on a contract for it.

So, that was what I did. I got the sales rep to call me back in half an hour, while I spoke to Hubbie who cleverly advised that we shop around for someone who would give us the same deal, hopefully with no contract.

When I calmly told the sales rep this, adding that if we didn’t find a better offer then I would call them back, he also asked me calmly if I had already been contacted by other internet providers.

Calmly “yes. I received some letters a while ago.”

Pause. A little less calmly. “Well you’re in luck, I think I can get you the same deal with no contract, but if you could just give me a moment to talk to my supervisor…”



And I never even lied. I totally did get contacted by another internet provider.

Sometimes things happen too easy. Be grateful when they do.

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