#442 Hubbie the handyman – the beginning

I am so confident about this, that I’m calling it the beginning. Of course, I have never before used the words ‘Hubbie,’ and ‘handyman’ in the same sentence… oh no, I lie. It was just in a negative tense: “Hubbie is NOT a handyman.”

So this is a big deal. This is actually GREAT. After weeks and weeks and months and absolute yonks of putting it off, Hubbie finally gave a go of changing our current old and wonky en-suite doorknob, to a new and fresh and certainly more modern looking one.

It took a while. I sat nearby on the bed most of the time, staring at the instructions blankly, holding the door and the handles when required, finding extension cords, and scrolling through my facebook feed intermittently – that is to say, I was practically of no use. That’s fine. My talents lie in other fields…

However, if not even one of us can do kind of basic reno stuff, our house is going to cost us a God-damn fortune. Sure we are gonna get professionals to re-do our kitchen and other major things, but like, a door handle? If we are getting tradies in to change stuff like that, we’ll need to grow ourselves a money tree or just wait forever, whatever comes first.

But, HE DID IT. After much scratching of the head and heavy pondering, Hubbie changed the door knob, and it looks great, AND it actually works!


I’m so proud of his perseverance, I knew he had it in him ;*

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