#477 The sixth sense is still there

It can be kind of cool to have a Mum that just, knows stuff. I don’t mean knows as in the way Mums just happen to know the answer to everything – well, that too, but my Mum goes a step further than that…

She has this sense about her. It’s more than just that ‘Mum’ thing where they go “I know why you’re upset,” giving you K, L, M backstory and X, Y, Z reasons why, leaving you going “WTF?”

How did she know?

And then the laugh, the casual response: “I know you better than you know yourself.”

But my Mum truly gets a feel for things. It’s so normal that it’s not even odd anymore when it happens. She will guess something before it happens, or I’ll tell her some news she has no idea of knowing and she’ll say “I knew that!” I think it’s just more than an accurate estimated guess: yes she can read things and situations and people with her emotional empathy, and I’m sure experience plays a part too, however I just know, with all of her telling dreams and signs, that with her, it’s so much more.

It’s special however, when I can share in this ‘sense’ with her. I am the apple from her tree, after all.

But it’s something that many people who are close to one another share, and you too, may have had many of these encounters with your loved ones… just last night as Hubbie rolled over in bed, he said “what?” and I replied “I said nothing,” before adding that I had just wondered at something, and almost asked him a question but refrained, before he spoke up.

So let me explain further.

Today I came home from grocery shopping with baby girl to find a flashing message on the phone. I was fairly sure of who it was even before I played it back.

But no, that wasn’t the ‘sense.’ After hearing my Mum’s message, I unpacked the bags and started on lunch, and once I was underway I grabbed the phone to call her back.

Ring, ring.

Ring, ring.

She picked up. “Hello?”

“Mum, it’s me,” I replied.

“Is it possible that we were calling each other at the same time?” She went on to explain that she had just gone to call me from her mobile, and was pressing the numbers when their landline rang.

I smiled, thinking of the lovely symmetry of it all, but knowing that it was so much more.

I know it happens a lot in everyday life, but it is still infrequent and special enough to only occur sometimes, with the people you love most… and that’s pretty cool. That’s enough to make me grateful 🙂

2 thoughts on “#477 The sixth sense is still there

    1. I’m glad you think so! My parents come from a very ‘interesting,’ old-world background, the amount of stories they tell me could really fill a book! Have you had any moments like these happen to you?


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