#776 A new workmate on Easter Eve

Today, it’s a bit easier. The sun is shining brighter. Baby girl is less sick. I am less sick.

Hubbie… well, he’ll get there.

I’ve done one late night at work, with only one more to go.

Tomorrow, is Easter.

I can see the light shining at the end of the tunnel.

But also, I have company. Last night I was doing this shift on my own, but tonight I have a special someone urging me on, sticking by my side, and providing as it were, a lucky charm so that all goes well tonight and I head off home on my merry way to dream of over-indulging tomorrow for Easter.



Baby girl… that is, baby girl barbie doll.

She was a special edition barbie doll that baby girl got one Christmas, and the doll’s name was the same as baby girl’s, hence the special gift… and ever since they have had the same name, even called so by baby girl herself, but she chose the longer title of “baby girl barbie doll.”

Yep. Every time.

As I left for work today, baby girl insisted I take this, one of her fave barbie dolls… I checked, “are you sure?” She was adamant that ‘baby girl barbie doll’ was to play with me at work, and I replied “she can help me tonight!”

She is sitting pride of place right below my screen. And when I start to do some other work later on tonight, she will move with me, and take centre-stage at my workstation once again. She was given with love, and seeing her here with me makes me feel like my family, is not too far away…

Another thing giving me light at the end of the tunnel? The baking. I’ve finished with my Easter baking, mostly, with just some final finishings to be done tomorrow morning..


My hot cross bun dough, before being divvied up into 20 buns. Can you imagine if I baked that thing as is? LOL. Oh no you don’t. I may just provide the after picture tomorrow, depending on how good it turns out…

So today, I’m happy I can see the light, and I have a friend to see me through it…


#775 Making it ‘Work’ on Good Friday

So many things NOT working today.

Like I am sick. Sore. Fleeting moments of tiredness and weakness overwhelm me.

Baby girl is sick. Still. Her voice is still hoarse, she needs constant nose wiping, from me ONLY (as apparently this makes it better) and is not drinking much fluids.

Hubbie is still run down.

My pre-Easter baking didn’t get off to a good start. The self-raising flour I needed, well suddenly it wasn’t appropriate to use… don’t ask me why… so Hubbie had to go to several servos to find some.

Then in doing my cake pops, I didn’t do the round cake balls big enough… and so once they were covered in melted chocolate, they started to S-L-O-W-L-Y fall down the lollipop stick, ‘til they sunk to a stop at the polystyrene board floor.

To make matters worse, I had to leave my family at 6pm… to drive in to work.

WORK. I have not worked a Good Friday, EVER. And now due to circumstances out of my control, I am. Until way past midnight. Apparently, no days are holy anymore.

You can be sure there has been a whole lot of whining today.

At some point though, I remembered something. I remembered the greater purpose of today, and the purpose was largely, the annual Melbourne Good Friday appeal.

Every Good Friday now, for years and years and years, the good people of Melbourne (and Australia, and I hope even, the World) have been donating selflessly to a children’s hospital that has done wonderful things, and continues to, to help sick, and I mean, really sick kids, needing care, love, services and support.

Here I was whining about the day and upset I was leaving my family for work… and meanwhile, there were loads of kids spending their Easter weekend at the Royal Children’s Hospital, away from their families, away from their homes.

It just wasn’t fair. It ISN’T fair. The words ‘really sick,’ and ‘child,’ should not exist in the same breath.

And so I urge you now to do what I am going to do this very moment: donate to a very worthy cause.


There is always far, far worse in the world… but that doesn’t mean we can’t try to do something about it.

Give that they may grow.

And so suddenly, I was happy, that my family and I were all in the same house today, and that I was there, to wipe baby girl’s nose…





#774 Easter joy at kinder

I nearly didn’t take baby girl to kinder today.

Even though it was the last day of the term… her getting up 5 times within a 2 hour period last night kind of made up my mind for me.

Being sick, sucks. Having a sick child to tend to, I think, sucks more.

There is nothing you can do. You can give them medicine. You can soothe them. You can tell them to try and sleep. But nothing takes the sickness away… only time can.

Which is why I wasn’t going to get her up for her last day of term 1 today.

But then, like clockwork, she woke up this morning and found me sleeping, at the exact same time that I am usually waking her up for kinder. So I asked her “how do you feel… do you want to go?”

To a definitive yes.

I came back to pick her up for the day earlier than usual, because of the Easter Hat parade. All the parents gathered around the yard, the kids followed their teacher around until they reached some strategically placed planks of wood set up so all the kids could sit down and pose for their adoring fans parents.

It was short, but oh-so-cute.

And then the raffle. Parents had been asked to donate Easter paraphernalia to go into the Easter raffle, and the response had been so huge there were 10 items that could be won! The majority of the prizes consisted of chocolate eggs, but the major prize was the largest basket of the lot, with chocolate eggs and a book, a bubble wand, fluffy toy bunny, an Easter cup, and a few other randoms…

How do I know this?


Baby girl won! I had actually thought to myself, “I hope she doesn’t win, just more chocolate to add to the case,” and then, she was winning! She didn’t realise in her state, half-wrecked, half-sick, as she went to collect the basket, WHY she was picking up this basket. But in a little moment of clapping and cheering by the parents, I got from her, a bright and cheery smile.

And honestly, though the winning part was fun, if a basket of chocolates, though not required in our household that’s for sure, can put a smile on my sick girl’s dial, well then I will take them ALL. :):):)

#773 Lunchtime joy back in the ‘hood

We had a few jobs to tick off on our to-do list on the other side of town, which had us running around a bit today.

‘The other side of town’ being, our old ‘hood.

We were all feeling a bit worse for wear, and so as usual food and coffee and dessert would give us that much needed energy boost to keep us going. We decided to take a break after 1 out of 4 jobs were finished (not ones to delay gratification…)

We are a just a little bit obsessed with TGIs. Even baby girl spontaneously calls out from time to time “TGIs!” in letting us know where she wants to have dinner at that night. In thinking of a place to eat today, we realised there was no better place than there… we could chill in one of their booths, we knew it would be quiet at lunchtime, therefore we would get our meals quicker… and then there were the lunchtime ‘specials.’

Our regular meals ended up at almost half price, (!) and then we didn’t even pay for baby girl’s meal… because kids eat free Monday-Wednesday when with an adult meal.


Seriously I should just be a sponsor for the restaurant chain. Any TGIs reps wanna come find me… I’m here. Really.

But that wasn’t quite the pinnacle of my lunchtime-fest: no. I had deliberately had a chicken salad because of what I knew was coming around the corner…

San Churro.

Oh oh oh oh yes.

We very excitedly ordered our sweet treats. I realised how good it must be to work there, when people are deciding on filled churros, or plain churros with melted chocolate, and whether they want sugar or cinnamon dusting, and just anything and everything having to do with churros and melted chocolate… rubbing their hands together in delicious glee.


I totally indulged today. The churros were as delicious as I expected them to be, and I was well and truly content, as well as bursting with sugary energy (and food) once I was done.

It was a nice little break that kept us going on a very busy day.



#772 Coffee time with my girl no. 2

I never tire of these moments.


They never grow old. They will never be mediocre, or same same, or even routine.

They are always special.

Even though before this coffee break of ours down at the local shops, she was tired and cranky.

Even though AFTER this coffee break, she ended up having a nap at home (totally out of the ordinary for her) which preceded her dragging herself around the house and telling me “I don’t feel well Mama.”

My girl was sick.

But I was feeling it too. We all were.

Which made our little coffee break earlier, all the more important, and all the more worthy. But then again, even without the before and after, they still, are. 🙂

#771 Couch time with the family

Lucky me! I got two sessions of amazing arse-planting, butt-moulding, getting into the lounge groove of the cushions TWICE today.

What made it better, importantly so, was it was a Monday (the epitome of all days to be lazy and do nothing), and, also it was FREEZING.

The happily unexpected and first bum-on-couch session happened about lunchtime, with Hubbie. He had stayed home sick today, still getting over the effects of whatever ‘-itis’ he had developed last night…and as we sat there, eating lunch, looking outside through the windows at the early Winter that had decided to bestow its cruelty upon us, the amazing-ness was ramped up even more with the addition of…

Dawson’s Creek repeats.

Yep. You know I mentioned it last week, so it wouldn’t be long until it was mentioned again. Seriously, we never get a chance to sit and watch TV in peace together, watching the same thing together… and I think partly because he was still getting over being sick, he kind of let me take control, though quietly he also knew I would NEVER let him take remote-CONTROL while Pacey and Joey were bantering on-screen.

I mean, lunchtime, cold day, Monday, and me and Hubbie on the couch watching one of my all-time fave shows?

That is couple goals RIGHT THERE.

As if that wasn’t already the greatest couch time, it then happened later tonight again. Geez I’m on a roll.

I am well and truly into the current soapbox of the moment, Bachelor in Paradise, and following dinner, planted myself again into the same couch groove, to watch the preceding 90 minutes of gossip, scandal, love triangles, embarrassments and hilarity unfold.

Of course, now with baby girl in the house, we had the usual interruptions: you know, acting out scenes from Cinderella (Hubbie was the Godmother, me the horse); there was ice cream; and I did dishes AND washing during the commercial breaks, all the while running back to the couch every time there was a Bachelor/Bachelorette on screen.

And though this one wasn’t as peaceful as the first, it was just as sweet with baby girl and I –


chanting “Pick Davey!” during the rose ceremony, waiting with baited breath as we watched to see who Flo would choose.

No, it was not Davey. 😦

It was a quiet and underwhelming day, and this sudden burst of unexpected and unwelcome Wintery weather, much like an unwanted Bachelor contestant, made the day that much more enjoyable, because we were inside hibernating, and watching it all.

Simple things 🙂


#770 Making memories and finding comfort in a topsy-turvy day

I’m not going to lie.

I’m not going to sit here, and tell you my day was great, my day was fantastic, when there were many parts of it, that weren’t.

I can’t just pretend all went well, when all didn’t.

I can’t just focus on the good, because I feel like that would be lying, and I think you would appreciate me telling you the frustrating, shitty parts too. The ‘Life’ parts. The pros, as well as, the cons.

Even with this being a gratitude blog and all.

So in short, let me tell you this:

Today we got to catch up with some of our closest friends for a birthday. It was well overdue (pro).

We drove over 3 hours there and back, and after this weekend, we are OVER driving (con).

We had fun (pro), and we made memories (pro). We danced (pro), the kids played (pro), and baby girl got her leg stuck in the hole of a portable basketball base (con, but a funny one).

I got this cappuccino made for me by our friend (pro)… he is a former café owner and works for a coffee company…



And this day would have truly been perfect, even with all the little cons up to this point, if the highlight of the day were just this: good coffee amidst polaroids of my girl dressed as a cowboy.

But it went on, as days do.

Driving home, Hubbie developed some kind of gastrointestinal infection (CON).

We stopped twice. (CON).

When we got home eventually, the windy weather appeared and started lashing us as we ran for the front door… but we got inside quickly, and I reckon somehow the Universe held it off slightly until we were indoors, only because we had such a sucky ride home (pro).

I ordered pizza because (insert Hubbie incapacitated on couch), and I was so grateful for the convenience of it all… pro – but it took an hour to arrive (maybe because of the wild weather – con).

Before and after said pizza, I sat on the couch with baby girl, me actually watching Bachelor in Paradise in peace, and she watching YouTube videos of dolls playing with toys, as the Wicked Witch of the West flew around on her broomstick outside in this cyclonic wind (pro).

Everyone is in bed now, and Hubbie is feeling better (massive PRO).

I know I am a glass half-full gal, but I wanted to show you both sides of the coin, to prove a point.

We can be aware of both good and bad, happy and sad, positive and negative, pros and cons… because it is all in the greater picture. Seeing the greater picture balances us out, makes us humble, and helps us to appreciate the pros more.

Because if all we had were pros, well the above would have been a very boring (albeit hugely satisfying for me) story.

And every story needs a villain, doesn’t it?

Today’s villain? Driving time, stomach viruses and wind from hell.

Today’s hero? Friends, couch time, and…




#769 What she said no. 3

Or should it be, the many things baby girl said today.

After I came home from work: “Mama me miss you!”

During a birthday party: “You’re the best Mama!”

And on the drive home “I keep you Mama!”

LOL and Awww all in one. I love this girl so much, and unbelievably so, she just keeps melting my heart, stealing a bit more of it each time, even though I thought she already had it all… ♥♥♥

#768 Purple hair

Have a look at the below pic:


That’s me taking a photo of my hair getting soaked with hair colouring. Look a little closer.


(Well not too close to see that pimple on my chin…) See that colour on my forehead? See the tint coming off my hair, exposed to sunlight?


Now calm down folks. It’s not as insane as it looks. In fact, hair colouring always looks WAY more vibrant in cream form than it turns out to be later on when it is all washed out.

I just had this weird thought earlier in the week, thinking of my upcoming hairdresser’s appointment, and I went “I want to do something crazy… I’m colouring my hair purple.”

Just like that. Why purple? Well it’s kind of a thing now, isn’t it? I used to love the colour exclusively (now that preference is usually red) and I even once convinced my parents to paint our entire house a soft shade of lilac. TRUE STORY. I shudder to think of the crazy things baby girl will talk me into when she is a teen…

But, I just felt like going a bit cray cray, you know? You know when you reach a point, when you say “Stuff it?”


I take inspiration from Hubbie. As a family member said to him recently “Every time I see you, you’re doing something different with your hair and facial hair.”

He says “it’s just hair. It’ll grow back.”

It’s just colour. My parents eventually painted over those walls.

My hair colour will fade, only to be replaced by something new.

It’s not freakishly ‘Purple Rain’ purple or anything. I am not going totally cray cray. I’m just dabbling in some, you know, Motherhood cray cray. The motherhood cray cray where you just wanna shake off those cobwebs and not give a stuff and be totally selfish in your time, money and activities: THAT sort of cray cray.

There was no bleach involved, which means that unless my head is in the sun, all you will think is that my hair colour is dark. But stepping out, baby…


It shines. It’s not full on. It’s different, Kath and Kim style.

I like it. It’s noice.

#767 Foodie Rankings

So, I had a lot of little things that made me happy today, which I’m all grateful for. But the one that had the lasting impression, was the pleasant surprise.

In case you didn’t realise, over on my parent blog SmikG, I post, along with many other things, Food Reviews. I’m about a year behind in actually posting them (for example I recently posted the one of our experience at The Royal Hotel, when we in fact dined there in March 2017), since I take them quite seriously. I don’t just take a snapshot of my meal with the words “yum” and “9/10.” I will dissect the experience, environment and the food, and because of this and this thing called ‘Life’ as Prince would say, these writing exercises of mine have fallen to the wayside.

I link my Food Reviews to Zomato, and if you’re over there too, give me a shout-out, my name is smikg needs coffee… for obvious reasons 🙂 But because of all of this, I subsequently haven’t updated any Food Reviews to that site in so long. I was sure I had definitely fallen off the top of the Mornington Peninsula bloggers leader board…

I only discovered this Zomato leader board after our Port Douglas trip years ago. Zomato likes to rank bloggers, as well as people who take and post photos of their food experiences, and rank them according to suburb. Since I blog, and link all my Food Reviews to their site, I discovered that I was near the top of the leader board after our stay in Port Douglas, simply because I had posted so many reviews in such a short period of time. That is the key you see. You could have posted 10 reviews from the one location and reach the top, but if you then don’t do anything for 6 months, you are likely to slip down to someone else who has been slowly gaining reviews, yet still hasn’t reached the number of restaurants you have. Suburb ranking works on current reviews, more than all-time MOST reviews published.

I was seriously chuffed when I saw my name up there for the Port Douglas list. It has since fallen off since obviously I am not dining there. However when we moved to the Peninsula, I had a little peek at that leader board, and low and behold…

I was on top. I was ecstatic. Can you imagine winning a competition you didn’t even try to compete in? It was a great feeling. I knew I had to maintain it, I mean, I wanted to, I lived in the damned geographical location! But as it happened, and the months wore on, some new bloggers came to town, and I found myself staring at my name in second, even third position .

Damn. Talk about bringing me down a notch.

But today… Oooh today. I went onto the Zomato site to link my latest Food Review there, and thought casually ‘I might as well check where I am,’ not even thinking I would be anywhere NEAR the top. I actually said to myself ‘if I’m in the top 5, I’ll be rapt.’


Can you see that number 1?! (and my all-too-obvious shadow???) I don’t know how it happened, but clearly the last posts I did were more recent than everybody else’s, because I’m back on top baby!

Small victories, small victories.

(Fist pump).