#919 What she said no. 7

It is day 1 of our trip away. Baby girl was beside herself with excitement this morning… and we hadn’t even boarded the plane yet.

We were dropped off by the transfer van out the front of the terminals, thrown into the mad chaos of travellers coming and going, with herds and tour groups of people with luggage on wheels EVERYWHERE. We had a piece each, with Hubbie balancing one carry-on piece on top of the large to-be checked-in suitcase we were all sharing.

We were looking for the domestic terminals, with baby girl getting newly accustomed and increasingly excited about the Spiderman carry-on my sister loaned to her… I mean, she has her own luggage, and it is on wheels. This is super stuff.

And in amongst all this, she goes –

“me so excited, love this holiday so much!”

Honey, the holiday has not even started yet!

Hours later as we were going up into the air, she had the prime position of window seat, and squealed excitedly as she watched the ground below her turn tiny. Her face was grinning hard as she repeated –

“go faster, faster, faster, faster faster, FASTER, FASTER!”

Interspersed with her recent fave –

“Oh my goodness!”

She is loving everything about this holiday already, and we haven’t even had the chance to sight-see yet.

She is appreciating the journey without worrying about the destination, and I must admit that is the best type of attitude to have.


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