#998 Horse race in a busy day

Despite how much I felt like a chicken with no head, running about the day trying to do all manner of things, for the hour or so I was at baby girl’s kinder, enjoying their little ‘Oaks Day picnic,’ I felt something else entirely.

Peace. Happiness. Calm. Maybe the surroundings felt sooo picnic-like. The green grass stretching out for ages. The blinding sun beating down against the cold air. The rugs all colourful and mismatched on the ground.

The sounds of happy children.

But there couldn’t be an Oaks Day celebration without an actual horse race, right?

And before anyone gets antsy on me, you can’t possibly get too agro when the contenders look something like this:


So darn cute. 

Because of the 20 or so kids, it would have been a logistical nightmare to have them run off all at the same time to follow a narrow path around the playground, twice, all while keeping a horse between their legs.

So the teachers decided to break them up into groups of 3. And so group by group, we cheered them on.

Baby girl had told me she would win. I was ready to console her and all, getting myself ready for the possibility that she could very well be disappointed…

But then, she WON.

And the winning horse?


Meet ‘Sprinkles.’ If you haven’t met him before, he had very decent odds, and it paid me dividends… 😉

And if that wasn’t cute enough… when one of baby girl’s friends happened to also win her group race, she came up to her and exclaimed “Baby girl, I won!”

To which baby girl responded enthusiastically –

“Great job *Di-di!”

OH GAWD. *Di-di’s Mum was nearby and we both awww’d. It was practically perfect.

Because for me, what is most important? To raise a kind person, rather than a winning one.

That to me wins the race. 🙂

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