#1043 Balcony break

Not having a set of table and chairs didn’t stop us.

After lunch today, baby girl and I carried up a picnic blanket, some treats and drinks… and set ourselves up for a little coffee break.

From the balcony.


It was hot with the sun beating down mercilessly on us.

I just breathed in deep and took in my surroundings.

I thought of how long I had wanted to have this balcony re-done, so that we could enjoy it in all of it’s view-tastic glory.

Those thoughts led to other moments in my life, where I had been wanting something wholeheartedly – whether it was something materialistic, or something from deep within my heart’s wishes, and each time, no matter how long it took, it happened.

It didn’t happen overnight. It didn’t happen in 5 days. But nonetheless, this persistent wanting, and never-give-up attitude got me there.

Got me to what I wanted.

This interesting thought stayed with me as I viewed my surroundings…


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