#1060 There’s no place like home

Two nights ago, I took this shot:


And tonight, it was this one.


The former, being the exotic one. Away on holiday. Sipping a red wine in the fading sunset of exquisite pink and purple skies.


And the latter, being the familiar one. From the windows of our bedroom. A place I have stood and snapped away at time and time again.

Well-known. Recognisable. Common to the eye.

And you know which one I was most happiest at…

We were most happiest with…

The view from my bedroom window.

Although at first our time away was an incredible experience, and one that will always remain strongly in our minds… once the aura of off-beaten tracks and sweeping coastlines wore off, we were left longing for our home.

Our small getaway has taught us one thing: we have everything we need behind our front door. Comfortable beds, locks on the bathroom door, adequate reception (!!!)…

And views. We have views too.

And we are so much happier at home… despite a raised balcony amidst a private beach and ALL.

And that is mostly because home, is where our hearts lie. 💗💗💗


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