#1062 Mills Beach Love no. 2

There is nothing quite like seeing the grass on the other side of the fence, to truly appreciate how green and lush your patch is.

And I ain’t talking about actual grass here people. Because in actuality ours is patchy and burnt in some areas, too much dirt in others, with weird varieties of I don’t know, ‘tree’ or ‘bush’ trying to come up in random parts of our lawn.

What I am really talking about here, is the beach.

We’ve just come back from our little getaway to the other side of the Peninsula, and although I have already said it, what with going away helping us to really appreciate all that we have here…

Can I just say, our beach is THE BEST?

Here are the ways in which WE loved it today.

Shallow waters, for the kiddies to spend heaps of time lounging and splashing in. Hell, if they go for a bolt they will still be within small waters, as it stretches out for ages!


The clarity. Oh my. Seeing all that seaweed on our ‘private beach’ earlier this week, well I think we temporarily forgot what a normal and clean beach looks like. And it looks bloody unreal.


The weather. It was high 20s as midday approached, making it the ideal temperature (I know the beach didn’t make this happen, but it added to overall beach satisfaction 😉 ).

And just, the views. The sweeping coastline of this very-busy-today yet still somehow secluded beach made it a sight for sore eyes.


The best beach day to conclude our family holidays together… but. hold on. 

When you live by the beach, it is always a holiday, true? 🙂


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