#1121 Injecting indoor greenery

Where do you go when the family has a day off together and you are absolutely buggered by the weekend’s events?

Why, to Bunnings of course.

Home and DIY projects eat your heart out, and even the kiddies are entertained, what with dangerously miniature trolleys, an indoor playground, and let’s not forget that café that has ALL the treats…

But for us really, it was all about the foliage.

Hubbie has been seriously focusing on plants and trees and mulch and pebbles and bark now for God knows how long. This outdoor fascination has led to looking inwards inside the house, which brought us to this purchase today:


It does look beautiful. You don’t realise just how uplifting some indoor greenery can be until you place it by a window, and just like that, an aura of light and colour just lifts the energy of the room.

Just like that.

The best, cheapest and healthiest way to renovate and inspire a room I think. ♥

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