#1131 Fresh, toasted bread

The online Collins dictionary defines “queue-jumping” as:

‘the act of obtaining prior consideration or some other advantage out of turn or unfairly.’

Today my loaf of bread jumped the queue so fantastically, that my mouth watered, my heart sung, and really, there was nothing unfair about the whole thing. In fact it was very, very FAIR.

You might think I am totally boring to be writing about bread, or toast, right?

But if you haven’t had my toast, I’m sorry, but YOU JUST DO NOT UNDERSTAND.

Oh-Em-Geeeeeee today peeps.


You know what my favourite thing to hear when I am buying a new loaf of bread is?

“I’m just gonna put it in this paper bag instead, because it’s still warm.”


I hadn’t had brekkie this morning before school drop off, so as I quickly ran to the shops to grab some groceries before heading back home, with the above-mentioned bread, warm… I placed my fingertips together Montgomery Burns style.



Sure, I had to have breakfast. And sure, I still had about 3 slices of bread left in the old loaf…

But it was OLD. And now I had freshly cut, WARM bread just waiting for me. Singing out to me.

“SmikG, SmikG…. eat me.”


I swear.

So I took the old loaf. Put it in the fridge and vowed I would toast and eat it another day.

And I took out these delicious slices of heaven, popped them in the toaster, spread soft and feathery butter ALL OVER, added my smidge amounts of vegemite (being careful not to overdose)… and then I BIT IN.




It was amazing. Crispy and soft, and honestly I don’t know why I even had to consider eating from the old loaf when I had this goodness waiting for me. Ahhh. It was the best bloody breakfast. Seriously.

That is seriously my gratitude post. SERIOUSLY. You know, even after I had my two pieces, I cheekily eyed that crust piece of bread I always avoid at the top/end of the loaf, because it’s, well, a crust… and I popped that super-thin slice in the toaster too, and DEMOLISHED IT.

I mean, it was so thin, it was at least half the size of a real slice… it was barely a toast. You could even say, I didn’t even eat it, that’s what you could say.

That’s what I will say.

But oh seriously. Gratitude done by 10:20am. And despite what the books say, jumping the queue seemed exceptionally fair… to my tummy. Happy me. 😁😜

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