#1153 School holiday ‘me time’

Any parent will tell you ‘me time,’ and ‘school holidays’ are not usually synonymous with one another. We are kept busy keeping our littlies, busy, entertained, happy… the list goes on. God help us if we hear those awful words:

“I’m BORED.”

By then, it is too late.

I am already finding it a struggle to keep up with my online writing course as baby girl plays next to me these last few days. I can’t do everything at night: I want to be clear, and focused at the task. She plays with her dolls, she acts out their voices and screeches out whole play-scenarios, all while the online tutor is telling me via audio file something about, first-person, or is it third-person point of view…?

“Baby girl will you quieten down a little?” as I pause the audio and go back for like, the third time.

But today I ended up finding a moment to myself when I least expected it. I had to do some things at a local homemaker centre… and there is this really nice café in the middle of it.

So of course, first, COFFEE.

But as I was placing our order, baby girl took off with our table number and headed outside. I knew she was keen on getting into the play area just to the side of the outdoor seating.

By the time I made it out there, she was IN the gated play area, sitting on the floor next to a girl about her age, chatting like they were old friends, as they took off their sandals getting ready to run around.

Oh geez 🙂 ♥

But I left her. It was her school holidays after all… and she had just made, as she told me later “a very good friend.” 😉

I didn’t call her when our drinks and treats arrived…


And I didn’t call her as I sipped on my cappuccino and took the first bite of my cream-filled cronut either.

In the nicest possible way, I was like, F*&k it.

I know my girl. Playing with someone was high on her priority list, and while placed alongside the choice of having her babycino and gingerbread man, I was 150% sure which one she would choose. I waited all the way until I was half way through my coffee, to walk a few steps, and not tell her to join me…

But just, to let her know.

And then I headed back, heaved a big sigh of relief, and told myself.

“Freaking enjoy this. Baby girl is happy and entertained. I am relaxed and chilled. My work here is done.”


(She later ran over for a quick few bites of her gingerbread and scull of her water before running back with her new friend to commence play).


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