#1190 Cat ‘off’ a leash

Today, we FINALLY did it.

Our cat went outside… minus the leash.

He was free. FREE! He was probably thanking his lucky stars we took him out on the gloriously sunny day that was today, as he wandered around the back yard, smelling and scratching and rolling happily in dirt…


Oh, he was happy.

But then he jumped the fence. We lost him for about 15 minutes. Baby girl and I sat on the back step waiting, talking loudly so that he would know how to find his way back…

And then he jumped! Back he was on the fence, scaling and teetering on it precariously…

Before jumping into another neighbour’s yard.

Gee Mister F. Just take it easy.

And then he was back! Again! I quickly took him inside, so relieved he had willingly come back to us.

But when he was meowing at the door to be let out again, and I was like –

“Stuff it.” A bit too trustingly.

And just as well my intuition served me well, as I went to the back of the house to find him stretched out towards the cage our bird was in against the wall, with our bird clutching for dear life on the other side of the cage!


Oh what drama. What CAT-ASTROPHY.

LOL. Baby steps.

Or should I say, kitty steps… 😉

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