#1193 Podcasts again

I was well into the world of podcasts over 5 years ago when I was pre-baby girl, working full time, and occasionally taking public transport.

It was the latter that made me dive into that then new world for me. I was following podcasts like ‘stuff you don’t know,’ ‘things they didn’t teach you in history class,’ and this inspirational positive dude that always seemed to be on holiday every time he started his podcast from somewhere in the States… he started each episode with a long drawn out “hellllooooo….. and welcome to…”

That was then. I haven’t listened to podcasts for a while. But from last week I’ve been getting right back into them.

I am surprised it has taken me this long to make good use of my time. After all when I drive to work I am on the road for a minimum of 2 hours up and down, and that is on a GOOD day.

I am really enjoying the entertainment, fascination and information that comes to me through the pod.

On my podcast list?

I have downloaded an episode of the Australian True Crime Series by Meshel Laurie.

I have also downloaded (and listened) to one episode of Maddie – the documentary on Madeleine McCann, which gave me goosebumps on the way in to work this morning.

And then of course… a writing one.

I had to have a writing one.

So, You Want to be a Writer?

No really, that is the name of the podcast 🙂

It is informative and conversational, but mostly I find fascinating the profiles and interviews done on the featured authors each week.

Let’s just say that driving in my car for long periods of time is something… I actually look forward to now.


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