#1194 Towards the end of lovely May

Today was the kind of day, where you had to ask yourself –

“What can I do outside today?”

And although there is still 8 days ’til the end of this month, I can say with almost certainty –

There will not be another May day like today.


For the second day in a row now, the sun was out, and SHINING. It was warm. I got a chair and sat outside to jot some things down… I let the cat out (watching him with a keen eye in case he moved too close to our bird)… and I allowed the breeze to blow past me briskly, confident in the knowledge that the sun was there through it all to warm me right up again.

Blue skies. No clouds.

Happy thoughts. No worries.

My state of mind was reflected in the day… BUT, the day told me, no matter what, YOU CHOOSE how you do YOU.


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