#1232 Shopping discoveries

One of the best things to do on a cold and Wintry Sunday, is to go shopping.

We were in need of some long-overdue retail therapy.

It was a day of lots of fun, purchases, and discoveries.

Not along did I ‘discover’ some new pjs, a book to add to my never-ending ‘to-be-read’ pile, and a half price body shop body butter…


BUT, there was another, more fabulous and EXCITING discovery.

Hubbie was looking for shoes as baby girl and I hung around him, and she literally, was hanging around, draped entirely over a nearby small couch that was facing a mirror, looking at herself in it, when suddenly –

“I have a wobbly tooth!”

“What?” I went to investigate immediately. She opened her mouth, and sure enough, showed me her bottom tooth had wiggle room. 


“She has a wobbly tooth!”

Can I just say, thank God for youtube videos. There are many times that I’ve thought ‘this has helped baby girl enormously.’ There will be some kind of major milestone I worry about her facing, but because she has watched her doll idols, Anya and Elsia go through it already on her fave youtube channel, it is all ok.

I didn’t even have to tell her about the tooth fairy. She knows.

She was jumping about in excitement from that point onward. Telling random people. Asking if the tooth was still there (that’s been asked about 734 times today).

“Has it moved more?” has been asked equally as much, at 813.

This girl can not wait.

Honestly, neither can we. 🙂

So, a day full of seriously fun surprises…. from ‘no wobbly tooth,’ to

“I have a wobbly tooth!”


Shopping brought it all today.

#1231 Besties, burgers, baby girl and boys

Not only was it a night of the first two…


With our nearest and dearest, catching up and chill-axing with some nice red on a cold and Wintery Saturday night…

But I was privy to witnessing some precious moments between baby girl, and our friends boys.

A group of 3 who do their fair share of wrestling, rugby tackles, and flying leaps as they careen out of control from one side of the room to the other, they were so incredibly sweet and appreciative with her… as she handed them all personalised hand-drawn pictures she did today at home… including her in their games as they hid, and then seeked, throughout the house… and later while tired and sugared out from ice cream and self-made candied sundaes, they all squashed together on the couch, snuggling into and leaning on each other, for friendship, and in baby girl’s case, pillow support. 😆

But nothing could be more beautiful 😍

#1230 Last day of term bliss

So many wonderful things marked this fabulous end of term 2 for school.

(All I can see before me, are sleep-ins and lazy mornings… 😉 )

Firstly, it was a stunningly bright day for Winter. So warm in fact, I didn’t need to wear my jacket during the day! Shock horror.

Secondly, it was crazy hair day at baby girl’s school. And though we didn’t do anything extreme like stick a coca cola bottle to her head (yep I saw it) we sprayed some pink and attached a huge bow, and she was pretty rapt with that.


The effort of the kids today, was superb. Kudos to them all for making the last day so bloody colourful and bright, almost as bright as the shining sun from above.

And lastly, what baby girl and I had been looking forward to for a few days now…

The library visit.

You are clearly new to this blog if you don’t know why we were looking forward to it.

What makes the library visit so damn exciting? (Well other than books galore, duh).

The corner café in there…and THAT hedgehog.


This hedgehog slice is so amazing, every time we pay a visit I MUST have one. With baby girl and her ginger meg, me with my slice, along with our respective babycino and cappuccino, we sat and slurped and nibbled, appreciating every little morsel and the firm knowledge that now it was HOLIDAYS.

Mwa ha ha.

And after rushing about all day, it was so nice to end the afternoon with a book, drinking some coffee, and watching baby girl choose books from afar.

Ahhh. Welcome July school holidays, I am so glad you are here. 🙂

#1229 Sign of the Crab

Do you know what just occurred to me?

It is June 27.

Yes yes, the day before the end of term 2, and as much as this makes me giddy with happiness to NO END, that isn’t what I am talking about here.

We are out of Gemini. We are now well and truly proper, in Cancer.

Do you know what that means?

In no time at all…



Photo by Ivan Diaz on Unsplash

Baby girl and I, are counting down. 🙂 ♥

#1228 Orange sunset no. 2

I feel so lucky, when I get to look out my bedroom window and see this in the evening.


Not every evening though. Some nights are particularly spectacular.

Who am I kidding. Mother Nature is beautiful in some way, each and every day.

There are some pretty cool colours there, so let’s take a closer look.



Wow. A beautiful orange sky. I love when the horizon shows off like this at the end of the day. As if being sunny at the end of June wasn’t exciting enough for us Melburnians… then, this.


#1227 Tuesday ‘me’ day

You know what I am remembering Winter is good for? Other than sleep-ins, hibernation and lots of hot drinks and soups?

Catching up on things.

This can include long put-off tasks, all the way down to minor speedbumps that have been nagging you for a while.

Catching up, also includes necessary time to replenish yourself.

Therefore it was a bit of everything today and none whatsoever was expected AT ALL.

I got a coffee after I filled the car with petrol in the morning after school drop-off, because…

a) $1 coffee

6) convenience

%T) 5 degrees anyone? Brrr.


I wrote, I almost completed my second online writing course (!), I found out good things, and I planned for more of my novel…

I purged too. I burnt something that was no longer of use to me, and I found it most therapeutic…


And finally on a last-minute whim, I realised I had ample time up my sleeve tonight (WHAT?!?!) and had a long and hot bath with magnesium crystal salts to rejuvenate and awaken not just my body, but my soul too.


Like I said, not really planned, none of it expected. But I think these cold and crisp days allow us to turn inwards a lot more readily that we normally do, and we ask ourselves perhaps the most important question of all…

What can I do for myself today.?

Moreover, “what can you do for yourself?”


#1226 An easy Monday

Ahh. A taste of things to come.

We are so close to the end of term 2. So close to school holidays. And we definitely felt that today.

Baby girl had her once-a-term curriculum day today, and it was so well-timed, what with it being like, 4 degrees this morning… brrr.

We slept in through the morning frost before lounging about on the couch after brekkie…


And then later while driving around, visited her old kindergarten and old teachers (she loves that place) and checked in to the good ‘ol adjoining park with its great grand trees.


Sure, it was a chilly day. But that sun was shining a blinding white light, and it made our day off, that much sweeter. ♥

#1225 Sunday Our Day no. 4

Late this afternoon Hubbie and I tackled an upstairs bedroom that has been housing all kinds of stuff: and we got started clearing, tidying, and organising.

We felt so good when we stopped to make dinner. Two hours had passed, and although we weren’t entirely complete, it was looking so much better.

And it was almost like the sunset smiled down on us for our efforts, with the horizon giving us a multi-coloured hue of happiness for all we had done.


Sundays done our way. 🙂

#1224 Saturday Night In no. 7

The best nights in aren’t necessarily when you are home alone with your family…

But when you are home alone, with company.

So actually, far from being alone. 😆

But it was grand. Therapeutic. Chillax-ing. Just what the doctor ordered.

Sis, bro-in-law and my nephew came over for a long overdue catch up… I say that like we haven’t seen each other in yonks, and yet we’ve seen each other 3 Saturdays in a row. 


But we haven’t caught up quite like we did tonight. Just our own little private party. Quiet… then loud music. Slow… then running around.

A little bit of everything. Just like this picture:


Drinks and chocolate mousse and colouring in… all the things that make a Saturday night so happy and freeing.

And sooo much more.

Most importantly, great company. The most essential ingredient of all. 💗

#1223 A different love

What am I meant to do when no one else is home except for my furry friend Mister F, and I will be spending the next hour or so whipping up a lasagna?

Why, put on music of course. LOUD music.

It’s the only way to really listen to any kind of music, especially when you are alone… whether it is upbeat and rocking, or mellow and wispy.

It is the latter type of category that had me turning up the stereo several times today. I had Queen’s “Night at the Opera” on, and decided to finally give a whirl to that special bonus cd, you know the ones all record companies love to flog when they re-release a classic album?

Well I put it on. 6 songs, most of them portions of songs from their Opera album, acapella… then one I had never heard, and 2 live versions…

The very last live song, was their 1979 live South American recording of Love of My Life.

Oh wow. Just, WOW. I felt like they were singing in my very own backyard, crowd included, so close up and personal it felt and sounded as Queens adoring fans sang the words back to them.

It is a heart-breakingly beautiful song. Devastating, yet stunning.

And during that listen, as I sang along to Freddie while stirring my béchamel sauce, I fell in love with it all over again.

I had never fallen out of love though. ♥

Have a listen (poor video but that doesn’t affect the audio)… it needs to be LOUD. Enjoy 🙂