#1211 The catch up after the party


No. I am NOT trying to say ‘Patricia’ as Google insists I am as I name check the term. But even so as it fails to come up in search engines, Hubbie insists it is a legitimate Macedonian term.

The day after the party. This comes up time and time again with Hubbie…

Basically it means, “the day after the party.” The event of getting together once again, with loved ones, to enjoy and be merry, and of course what else…?


He informed my sis and bro-in-law well in advance, early in the night last night of his paterica intentions… and they being the loving and obliging family they are, smiled and graciously said “yes.”

So guess where we were this afternoon, driving 24 hours later exactly as we were doing yesterday when we were going to a fabulously themed Gatsby party?

To sis and bro-in-laws house…

for paterica.


We ate and we drank. We went through the night, photos, stories, events. We laughed and we reminisced.

“Did you see that?”

“Did you get a hint then?”

“Were you surprised?”

It was all wonderful, warming and happy, and very importantly I think, full circle. In the craziness of it all last night, we had had tonnes of fun…

but then we also had to reflect and talk about the FUN.

And that creates more fun. 🙂

Spending time with family the day after a party? Why, I think that is about the best tradition ever.



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