#1249 Hubbie, the arborist

Let’s get one thing straight… Hubbie LOVES trees.

The arborist definition from the online dictionary explains it as a ‘tree surgeon.’

Yes. And Yes.

That is exactly what he had to perform today… much needed and long overdue surgery. Surgery that removed most of the twigs, leaves, and all heavy and thick branches from this annoying berry-producing type tree we have that is just making a mess EVERYWHERE.

Sorry… we had.

All that is left now is the stump, and some high poky leafless branches.

Tee hee hee.

Before you start crying out “MURDER!” let me tell you this…

This tree was very annoying. It produced some weird kind of berry that stuck on you and your shoes (and Mister F’s feet) which in turn brought it inside often.

It didn’t produce any kind of lovely flower. Nothing pleasing AT ALL.

It had grown so tall and wide it was encroaching over and impacting the growth of another tree we have which actually produces a lovely pink flower in warmer months, and that tree doesn’t create annoying berry-like things that fall on the ground.

Lastly, we have plans to plant and grow like, A LOT of small and big trees, shrubs, flowers, vegetables and herbs, so much so, that IF any impact is felt short-term by our local birdlife or insects, I SWEAR, it will be reversed positively and go in an even better flora and fauna direction in the months to come.

But for now… Hubbie 1. Annoying tree… NIL.

Hubbie, the arborist. Performing much needed tree surgery. Available soon, in a town near you… 😉


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