#1310 Putting my best sneaker forward

I’m loving my Lacoste right now.

To be honest, if you had told me last year I’d be excited about sneakers now, I’d have looked you over with a raised eyebrow and look of sheer skepticism.

Alas, sneaker time has come.

It really hit me in the shoe shop yesterday. I put on a pair, and they felt funny… weird… not quite right…

That’s when I realised. I was so used to wearing boots.

It was my main shoe whilst at work. Whilst grocery shopping. Whilst out and about. Whilst… anywhere! And sure in the summer, I live in my most favourite of sandals… but even then, if the weather dips a bit too low in one direction (as can happen often in Melbourne) my trusty boots are always there to welcome me and my slightly cold feet.

It has been so long!

Well that is all about to change. After I found a pair that felt less weird on my feet, I went home with some shiny white sneakers yesterday which I have been happily sporting about town, today.

And they’re good… I mean the ankle socks the salesperson sold me are far too low, so the shoe tongue is chafing the front of my foot, where a normal sock should be… but I just have to get higher ankle socks, right?

Sneaker people, advice PLEASE.

But you know, I actually don’t care. I have new white shoes and I really do feel brand, spanking new. 🌟 (with a sore, chafed right foot 😂)


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