#1314 The Dentist.

Dum da daaaaaa!

Is exactly the term to be used. Also the exact term that IS used, by baby girl.

The dentist. A touchy subject with a 6 year-old, right?

And it would have been more horrific if this moment had come a year ago… but instead, when I decided she had to get her teeth checked since getting some adult ones, she was actually pretty cool about it.

I said funny things like –

“the dentist will lose their mind when they see how good your teeth are,”

probable things like –

“you will get a sticker and a high five,”

and just plain ludicrous things (if plain and ludicrous can go in the same sentence)

the dentist will have to wear a helmet, because when they see your teeth they will hit the ceiling!”

I was actually amazed at how well baby girl did. She wriggled and bounced a lot, laughed yet also looked very suspiciously at some instruments on the side table…

And at the end of it all we saw that all was pretty good… and mostly, she had been pretty good.

I was so relieved.

Sure she has a fused baby tooth on the bottom row making it 9 not 10 there… sure she has a slight grey tooth, from a possible hit which we don’t know when it happened… all things we will keep an eye on.

Baby girl even told the lovely dentist that she had to wear a helmet.

Uh, awks much? I had to explain why and… (insert embarrassing laughter).

But thank God that is over. And that time didn’t even encroach onto the school holidays… WINNING.

Tick. √

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