#1333 A different view

It’s nice to dream.

It’s nice to have something to aspire to. Even if it feels way off in the distance. Even if right now, you’re completely happy as you are.

Still, it’s nice to dream.

And this one particular dream, well I always joke to Hubbie, is more likely to happen when I’m an established, published and successful author…

But then I used to also talk casually about having a beach holiday house… and now I live full-time by the water.


Oh, speaking of living by the water, and dreams…

Hubbie and I took a walk in a different part of our ‘hood today. We took a quiet scenic walk, amongst tall and towering trees…


… but also, by the water.


It was a long, winding and circular street, that had the best of both worlds.

Trees. Water.


I know we live around it, but damn those views were amazing.

We got home later, happily…

There is no chance we’d move.

Not when our view is pretty fine as well…


But, like I said… it’s always nice to dream. ❤




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