#1660 Day 162 of getting there: unicorns and castles

It’s refreshing to see your child happy over such simple pleasures.

Like a change of bedding. Baby girl is always super rapt when I change her quilt cover and sheets. It seriously, brightens my day.

Imagine how hilarious it would be if all adults jumped up and down on their bed screaming “YES!” because their bedding was now pink, instead of purple.

But she continues to do so. Even more today, because it wasn’t just any bedding… I changed it to the Unicorn themed one she got for her birthday. It’s all unicorns and castles, it’s got pretty pink and purple hues, amongst stitched gold string to highlight the unicorns hooves, and it’s just… GORGEOUS.

No wonder she loves it.

She thinks she’ll have the best sleeps ever under those magical horn covers.

Maybe we all need unicorns and castles in our life. Some magic would not go astray in these times… 🦄🏰

#1659 Day 161 of getting there: The right time always comes back around

In life we are often led to a thing…

A place…

And person…

And if we are attune to the signs, we’ll see that this happens on repeat.

We need to listen to our intuition. That little voice in our head that tells us where we need to go.

What to listen to.

What to see with our eyes wide open… not shut.

You know that old adage?

‘Friends are in your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime?’

That is only half-true. Because I’ve come to learn that things, events and people, cycle around in your life.

It’s not come in come out see you later next.

Some people give you the same story. The same journey. The same truth.

The same courage.

It’s a fascinating thing, when you start to look closely.

When someone gives you courage, you need to take notice of the signs and say “thank you.”

To who? Whoever you want to. Whether it’s God, the Universe, or just a random stroke of luck… be grateful.

But be more grateful that you were aware enough to grab a hold of the learning. 💖

What am I grateful for tonight?

Awareness. And of course, the cycles of life, showing me who, and what, is important. 😊

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

#1658 Day 160 of getting there: the beach interlude

I’m feeling really grateful that the beach is within our 5km home radius…

Well, the Bay is too. But it ain’t swimming weather just yet, and I think our restrictions don’t yet allow us to do that kind of leisure activity.


We headed out into the glorious day for some exercise, and baby girl was so excited.

It really reminded me how much we have missed out on and sacrificed over this time. How much of the world has passed right by us as we were isolating in our homes.

I just can’t wait to get out into it again, well and proper.

But today, a beach interlude.

Baby girl loved running in the wet sand, the incoming waves almost lapping at her feet. I loved watching her, as the wind and sun swept across my face.

Looking around at all we had missed during this time.

Of course, my reason was two-fold. I had a beautiful bowl I had recently purchased online, and I needed to fill it up with…


And then before we left, we left imprints in the beach’s sand, with our hands, feet, and baby girl even left her own sand-creation for the waves to check out as the tide grew closer.

Alongside the seagull’s imprints! I thought that was pretty cool.

See you soon, waves. 🌊

#1657 Day 159 of getting there: dancing to the rhythm of zoom!

Forget about Friday night zoom catch-ups…

Tonight we did Friday night zoom dance WORK-OUTS!

How lucky are we to have a bestie with professional dancing experience, huh, huh? She organised a session for us, complete with warm-up, choreographed moves, and we followed her through it all… even the kids had to join in on the fun!

It was great. Nothing like a good dance in iso to remind us all of what it is our body needs, and our body wants.

And laughing at yourself with your friends is about the best way to dance to it. 😁😁😁😁

#1656 Day 158 of getting there: shelter from the storm

All of a sudden, it just happened.

Baby girl and I had been working on her new Frozen lego set, when the the wind picked up intensity and the rain started to pour.

When we looked outside, we saw currents of rain being thrown about like someone tossing buckets of water about with no real method – here there and everywhere.

It was madness.

I mean, the day had started off alright. Windy, but sunny. Looking out of the window was pleasant when it was bright, wind or no wind.

But this? This was hellish. This was… crazy. Up on the balcony, I happened to hit record on my phone, and the chairs that always sit there fell over…

They never fall over!

Except for today of course.

Oh. It was scary, crazy, but kinda cool to look at, from inside looking out…

Just another time when I am grateful to be all locked up. Sheltered from the storm.

#1655 Day 157 of getting there: The right quote to get there

I came across a really touching quote today, one that I feel is relevant to me, but to all of us.

Because it’s about struggle. Struggling with something, anything, in your life. And because of what is happening in the world, we can all relate to things not going the way we planned.

This quote is for everyone.

Why do I love quotes so much? Hmm, maybe something about words… words, and how the correct and select number of them can piece together something truly beautiful, to lift you, inspire you and help you.

“There is no royal road to anything. One thing at a time, all things in succession. That which grows fast, withers as rapidly. That which grows slowly, endures.” – Unknown.

I find it timely that I often come upon saying that touch my soul, right when I need them.

How’s about that?

And, just because, here’s a selection of photos from today that brought me joy…

And reminded me that it takes time, to grow such great beauty. Some forms over a day… some over a season. Some even longer.

But, it grows.

#1653 Day 155 of getting there: The belated frozen present

You can’t depend on online deliveries at the best of times… throw in a pandemic and the whole system goes to shit.

But at the same time, it only meant that the main present we had organised for baby girl over a week ago, well being delayed, it also drew out her happiness and excitement, knowing that there was still something else around the corner.

Finally, today it arrived!

The Frozen lego. She came up to me some weeks ago and showed me a picture of this lego, saying she wanted it from Santa for Christmas… well my Mum-skills went into overdrive, and having her birthday be sooner than December, and being an iso birthday, we had to get it to her right away.

Baby girl loves lego. She has a lot of it. To be honest she hadn’t played with it for a while, but the last few weeks has seen her take out her assembled pieces, put other ensembles together, and generally just have fun with the mini scenes and characters from predominantly, Disney movies.

And can I say… I don’t mind that she has so much. I kinda realised years ago, that I really like lego too. We sit together, and I find this insane peace in getting these little tiny blocks and piecing them together, creating this colourful, fantastic, magical land in front of our eyes.

She’s not only building a collection for herself… she’d building a collection for me. 😁

And while she asked us to start building it together on my next day off, I’m secretly looking forward to it, as much as she is. 💖

#1652 Day 154 of getting there: writing into nature

Today I joined an online writing community for a workshop about NATURE.

Writing about nature.

Drawing upon our landscape to represent the inner workings of human life, to talk about things on the small as well as large environmental scale, and finding that wisdom and learnings can be found in something as little as a shell.

It’s given me a new appreciation for details, simple things, and who knows? I might just branch out into the wisps of wind, streams of sunshine, and gnarly twisted vines that grow up walls to find another form of writing inspiration in my life… 💖

#1651 Day 153 of getting there: Pub night at home

Tonight, the theme was ‘pub night.’

Hubbie called the theme yesterday. To jazz up our iso cold and Wintry Saturday nights, we could dress up in chosen theme to make the night all the more interesting.

Why the hell not? We had nothing else to do.

Hubbie dressed up accordingly, with his big over-sized Wintry boho style-jacket. I didn’t wanna do the shirt thing, so I thought of what I’d wear if we weren’t in iso, and going out to a pub…

I dressed all in black, and put on this top that I haven’t worn for years.

Baby girl dressed as Belle from Beauty and the Beast, and put on about 28 different bracelets and necklaces. Of course, it all goes at the pub.

Cold Chisel played in the background most of the night.

Putting in some effort for our theme did make a world of difference. We had something to laugh about, talk about. Actually being dressed up, no matter how fancy, funny or outrageous it was, did heaps as a mood-booster.

And then there was the other things that made our night…

The takeaway pie, and the board game.

The pie was so yum and filling, the board game was entertaining, and all in all it was a pretty cool night.

Next week – a whole new theme! Stay tuned…