#1671 Day 173 of getting there: school iso feedback

It’s interesting to get feedback from your child’s teacher on their school progress.

It’s even better when the feedback is good. 🤩

I had an online conference call with baby girl’s teacher today. She’s been doing well for the level she’s at… but my main happiness came when she told me baby girl is past the expected reading level for this time of year.

My eyes, shone.

I mean, I read. I write. I don’t expect my daughter to love to read, and write.

Well, I do expect her to appreciate reading, and to be well-read.

Which is why we read, often, and I try to get her to read independently as much as she can. She was put into an extra reading group at the start of the year as well, so to hear now that she has jumped 5 reading levels since the beginning, and can probably even go up another level soon…

I had to hold back the tears. I was super grateful. Super happy.

I still am. 😍💖

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