#1673 Day 175 of getting there: up to my eyeballs in photos

In the afternoon, on this glorious sunny Spring Sunday, I went upstairs to sit on the bed, rays of sunshine streaming through the window, and proceeded to fill up photo albums with photos.

It’s been a mammoth task I’ve been trying to do for the longest time, even pre-iso… but being in iso, makes things all the more easier to do.

I sat for a few hours, and filed up to 800 photos.

800 photos.

What makes this horrific, is that these photos are from 2015.

Yes, it is shocking that I am over 5 years behind in my photo record-keeping. But this isn’t even the major reason why the 800 photos are horrific.

It’s horrific because, those photos are from Jan 2015… to July 2015.

800 photos from only that small time frame!

And it isn’t even ALL of Jan, or ALL or July that’s included…

So if we take 800 photos, per 6 months…

That’s 1600 photos a year.

Times 5…



I can’t be printing out photos at that rate!

But yet, photos. Memories.

I kinda have to.

So despite all my catchup today, of putting printed out tangible photos into sleeves of photo albums, I think I’m going to have to start doing the photo book thing.

The photos are lasered or printed on the paper, so the pages don’t become bulky, and with the slim book design, they are smaller and easier to store.

I love having a record of photos taken. Sure I keep them digitally too, but there’s nothing like going back in time as you leaf through memories of the past…

So tell me. How do you store photos? Do you print, or make photo books? And if you do photo books, which ones are the best ones? Help me please!

Photo by Vladyslav Dukhin on Pexels.com

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