#1674 Day 176 of getting there: the return to play

What do you think I’m grateful for today?

The return to playgrounds, of course!

I never knew how much I loved playgrounds, until it was announced that one of the restrictions loosening from the coronavirus pandemic, would be playgrounds and parks reopening.

Wow. Just wow. Nothing else was changing much, nothing that would affect us anyway… but suddenly, I could see this light.

And it was totally surrounding baby girl.

Kids have had it the toughest during this whole ordeal. And yet amazingly, they have been the most resilient.

I was so happy for baby girl when I heard she could soon play outside again, in a park, amongst nature, feeling the sun on her face…hell, being outside anywhere that wasn’t her home!

Nothing was gonna stop me, especially on what was such a gorgeous day today. Not even my work. Not even her unfinished school tasks. Not even the fact that I felt off.

We got to the park in the late afternoon, and it was to be expected that we weren’t the only ones enjoying the newfound freedom.

How could the trees be so green? How could the air feel so fresh? How could the bay, beckoning in the background, be so blue?

Everything looked and felt, so beautiful.

And it can only get better. 💖

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