#1782 A step into the new year

I have pretty much no expectations for 2021.

Yeah, I have hopes. Wants. Wishes.

But I’m not expecting anything.

But like I wrote about in my post the other day, I’ll be taking small steps forward.

Baby steps.

And tonight was just like that. A wonderful, warm and loving way to welcome the new year with family, and people who have become family.

Nothing could be better.

And slowly but surely, step by step…

We danced.

We laughed.

We cheers’d.

And what do you know?

Each happy and excited step, lead to a pretty damn awesome night.

Happy New Whatever-you-want-it-to-be.


#1781 A new path

Today I visited a new place, behind a new door.

It was a new pathway.

It led to the attic…

Up, up, up…

I finally cashed in my discovery session from LAST year’s Christmas present from Hubbie, at this, what can I even call it…

A fitness studio? No.

Yoga? Nope, it’s more than that.

Clairvoyant? Nah, but some of the things that came out were freaky…

It’s a wellness space, that’s what I’ll call it. All things concerned with mind and body, how they are connected, and learning new ways of remaining healthy (i.e for others, being fit) within a different set of rules.

Trying to be more YIN, than YANG.

The only reason I didn’t cash in this voucher from last year’s present earlier, is because, well, you know guys…


I walked in today, curious, questioning, and feeling a bit flat admittedly…

And I walked out tired, but not tired YAWN tired.

Tired like my body had just gone through a journey!

It had made a discovery… and now it needed some down time.

Now that I’ve started this journey of mind-body self-awareness, I may just need to venture down this path more often. 😉

#1780 Girls come over to play

Man oh man.

Or, should I say, “Girl oh girrrrrllllll!”

It’s been so long that we’ve actually had a playdate, I can’t even.

But surely, the day came today, amidst this post-covid-something-kinda-like-normal that we’ve been living recently (THANK GOD).

Baby girl’s cousin came over to play, and just as they ran amuck, painting each other’s nails, doing massive make-up test-runs, chasing Mister F, playing dolls endlessly, and jumping on the trampoline for what seemed like infinity, so too did us big girls have just as much fun…

Sitting. Talking. Tending to the little girls. 🤦‍♀️🤣

Catching up. Sharing. D&Ms.

It was the best. 💖💖

#1779 The last sunset dance

Tonight the sun set on The Last Dance.

15 minutes difference this evening

We started watching the Netflix documentary series about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls’ 6P, six championship wins, back in October.

If anyone had told me ages ago that the show would be like a lifesaver for me, I wouldn’t have believed it.

But it was. It has been.

Things are much different now, to what they were then. We had the last episode to watch tonight, Episode 10, having had a huge spell of absence because BUSY LIFE.

And even though nowadays I’m not looking for that huge a distraction that I got back when I really needed it, I realise tonight I still liked it. I still kinda need it.

It is a truly amazing, awe-inspiring series, and if you haven’t watched it, I encourage you to.

I might even watch it again!

Now that’s an incredible story. 😉

#1778 Sales and shopping

Today we tried to take advantage of the Boxing Day sales.

Key word, tried. Because let’s face it… you try to buy something on sale…

“Ooh look, a dress for that wedding we’re going to.”

But then they only have one size, and it’s one size too small, so then you end up with a nicer dress for full price… but nicer, right?

Then with baby girl… “Do you want these sale shoes?”

“No. They’re bugging me.”

(What she really meant was she wanted the full price ones because they were shiny 🙄🤦‍♀️)

So while we tried, really we did, and we did get some sale items, like a pillow! YEAH!…


…Most items weren’t on the red ticketed list.

But that’s ok. We still shopped ’til we dropped. 😉

#1777 Boxing Day BBQ

Hubbie and I woke today, the day after Christmas, feeling inspired.

With the knowledge that we still had the whole weekend off, together, to ourselves, we were fuelled by this rare holiday scenario, and started off by feverishly cleaning and organising everything in the house…


The sun was shining, it was fine, and we set about getting to work. In amongst this random Spring-clean in Summer, we thought of a plan… BBQ? Tonight? With family? Friends?

So we sent a few messages out.

The responses? Busy. Tired.

Our bbq gathering wasn’t to be… or was it?

If this had happened pre-covid, I would have been pretty down. Down that we were all riled up and ready to socialise, and yet people either weren’t willing or able.

Post-covid though? Hey, we are our own best company!

Music, meat, salad and bread… inject some sunshine, and voila!

A great Saturday night. 💖😉

And you know, through it all, I was happy. Who said that covid didn’t teach us something, hey?

#1776 Thank God It’s Christmas

“Oh, my love, we’ve had our share of tears

Oh, my friend, we’ve had our hopes and fears…”

Did you know Queen has a Christmas song? Actually, two that I know of. The one I’m referring to, the same title as my blog post, well I discovered it a few months ago.

But upon finding it to play, I struggled to get through it without tears in my eyes, as the lyrics hit me hard, having gone through some issues at the time.

This morning, I put it on repeat, several times.

“Oh, my friends, it’s been a long hard year

But now it’s Christmas

Yes it’s Christmas

Thank God it’s Christmas.”

Those were my sentiments exactly, and I went into Christmas at my parents house, shared with my sister and her family, feeling utterly grateful.

Snapshots of Christmas 2020.

You might notice a plate of lemons in there. Well you see, lemons are the right fruit to refer to with what I’m about to share, having played an important part of a moment I had today.

Not only was I grateful to be amongst family after a year like no other, where hardship and difficulty seemed to arrive at every opportunity, but it was a bittersweet Christmas in that it would be the last at my childhood home before my parents moved house.

It was a Christmas, like so many we’d had there before… full of love, happiness, laughter, and great memories. But every now and then, it hit me – CRAP, this was our last one there.

I was cutting up lemons for our evening prawn feast, when it struck me again.

Last Christmas here.

And suddenly, it was bittersweet. Much like the lemons. On their own they were hard to take, your face screwed up when you bit into it, they were so sour…

But in accompaniment, with something else, like prawns… with a martini… or with honey… somehow it tasted a lot better.

It was great, even desirable.

Much like this last Christmas.

It wasn’t the last, but it would be the last there.

I could take it though. I could take it, because I still took with me all the memories of being there, celebrating Christmas after Christmas with my family and friends, all throughout the years.

Most importantly, I was taking the most important thing with me.

My family.

As if on cue, INXS’s ‘Don’t Change’ came on the radio, and I had to smile.

If only there were no change. Things would be so easy, with everything staying the same, static, and with no room to move.

But that’s the point of life you see. To grow. To evolve.

There MUST be change.

So I took the lemons to the table, and we enjoyed them in the best prawn feast ever.

Merry Christmas. 🎄🎅💖🤶

#1775 Same but different Christmas Eve

You wouldn’t have known from the day we had today, that the past year has been difficult.

I was baking, cooking, and blaring Christmas songs from the stereo like it was nobody’s business.

Baby girl and I painted our nails red and gold as we started watching the traditional Carols by Candlelight this evening.

We then drove to see some neighbourhood Christmas lights which were spectacular… but none were as sweet as those that shone from our front yard, from under the sparkling stars above.

The day had set on another Christmas Eve.

And it was busy. It was joyful. It was crazy happy. It was festive.

It was everything I had dreamed of it being, and yet it had been such a massive unknown months ago.


I know there are those who can’t have any semblance of a normal Christmas this year… and so I send a prayer to them.

I pray that they feel the love, warmth and goodwill coming from all corners of the globe, telling them to hang in there.

We are with you all in spirit.

Merry Christmas Eve.

#1774 Finally, I’m wrapped


It has taken me all this time, but finally, the presents are all wrapped.

(Except for Santa’s presents… and except for the presents for people that we WON’T see on Christmas day, but shhh).


I am so tired. I am on holidays, kinda, and yet I’ve been the busiest I’ve been in a while.

Making gingerbread, doing a huge grocery shop, washing washing washing, OH THE WASHING!

Then tonight, I had to wrap baby girl’s presents… but I had to wait ’til she was asleep, and even then I went to our bedroom where Hubbie was sleeping, so the sounds of paper cutting and sticky tape tearing (it’s so bloody noisy!) was as far removed from her as possible.

I won’t philosophise about how I got here, and why I didn’t get here earlier…

That’s for another day. Another blog post.

For now, I am so exhausted I could almost wrap myself up in Christmas paper and tuck myself under the tree.


#1773 The life lesson

We were visiting my parents today on the other side of town.

So when baby girl said she wanted to get doughnuts from the formerly famous milkbar that put Nutella doughnuts on the map, I couldn’t say no.

Not just for memories sake. But because it’s on my parents side of town.

I will be saying yes a lot when it comes to that side of town over the next few months.

So we went. We drove off for the day from my parents house, turned left, right, right…

And we were there.

We walked in. Baby girl tried to get me to buy her an icypole, but ahem, Winter was back in Melbourne today, and I was like “noooo!”

We were there for the doughnuts.

Meanwhile there was a guy there behind the counter, smiling at our friendly disagreement. I asked for two doughnuts, and when baby girl found some lollies, I said “ok, throw them in.”

“Yeah, it’s school holidays!” he replied. “They deserve it after the year they’ve had!”

“They totally do!”

We laughed and talked back and forth, and baby girl was lively and happy too… but as we went to walk off, he picked up a lollypop from the counter, and handed it to her.

For free.

We both said “Awww!” and “Thank you!” many times. We wished each other ‘Happy Holidays’ and then off we went.

We weren’t even in the car, and I had to tell baby girl.

“Honey, that was an important lesson,” I started. “See, you were friendly and happy… and he gave you something back.”

“If you are friendly and happy, people will be friendly and happy to you.”

I explained more in the car.

“You get what you give… so if you give happy, you get happy. If you give sad, you get sad. If you give angry, you get angry.”

I think it’s quite possibly one of the most important lessons we can teach the next generation.

You get what you give. I learnt that after I was 20. Baby girl is 7… if we can get the kids started young, imagine the endless opportunities for them in this world.

There will be doughnuts, aplenty.

Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com