#1939 Loom bracelets

Starting from last night, baby girl embarked on a loom band bracelet FRENZY.

She was given this container of bands when she was like, a baby… from a relative. Hand me downs, with all the connectors along with a tin of bright and interesting beads.

I kept them all this time, and finally I have cashed in.

Baby girl has been unfortunately stuck to her ipad during lockdown, and I can’t do anything about it.

  1. Because I’ve been working, and I can’t really be stopping every two seconds to supervise her, and
  2. Even when she isn’t finding new apps, she is doing homework on a device of some kind.


Somehow, she decided she wanted to learn how to make these bracelets. I found a youtube video, we ran through them…

And she has spent almost ALL of today making bracelets!

It’s actually quite soothing and rewarding when you pull the band out and see the pattern you’ve created…


If you get one of these for your next birthday… well just be grateful.


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