#1982 Spag bol, wine and couch

Baby girl was counting down to tonight, because she loves spaghetti and bolognaise…

All day “2 hours to spaghetti bolognaise!”

Then – “1 hour to spaghetti bolognaise!”

We took our spag bol, I grabbed a glass of wine, and we picked a family friendly movie to watch on the couch.

Daddy Day Care. 🤦‍♀️😂

Do you have that problem with your family? No one can agree on a movie to watch, and so you’re searching for ages, and ages, it can’t be too kiddy, but it can’t be too scary, and even that’s a hard one because baby girl is freaked out by Mrs Doubtfire (that face mask coming off) and is scared of Back to the Future (that car scene when Marty is balancing on the hover board trying to grab the almanac off Buff!)

We like Eddie Murphy, and it’s a kid movie, sooo…

It worked. 💖

(We only watched half of it! 😂 But we smashed the spag bol.

And wine, shhhh)

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