#2063 Saturday smorgasbord

In life, when you are down, there are three things that can very simply lift your mood.

They are:

Coffee (or alcohol)



And if those three don’t work, you’re kinda f%^ked.

Fortunately for me tonight, food (plus some drinks) helped.

Look at this salad I made:

Sure there aren’t a variety of colours in there, but just the fact of all the ingredients being green, makes it look so pretty.

This made me happy because it’s a new salad I tried and it was yummy, but you gotta be kidding if you think salad alone lifted my mood.

Kentucky chicken and chips.

Then cookies and cream ice cream.

Then chocolate with sprinkles.

Then espresso martini.

Then kruskovac.

And guess what?

I AM feeling better! 🤣😋

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