#2064 Butterfly sign

I decided a while ago that the butterfly was a symbol of something for me.

A sign, a hope, of something better. Actually, I decided on the butterfly, but then I remembered the ladybird that landed on my wedding dress after we had exchanged vows, so the ladybird is also a symbol of something special…

We’ll call them both my symbols. 🤷‍♀️

I think you can do that. It’s like a little agreement with the Universe where you go “hey, I need some help, I need a sign, send me something to know I’m on the right track.”

If you tell the Universe your sign too, it kinda helps. It also helps if you don’t pick like, a Unicorn as your sign. 🦄

Having said that, it doesn’t have to be in tangible form, oooooh.

Anyway. This afternoon I was sitting on the deck, and as baby girl and I observed, this orange and black butterfly kept on coming back to rest near us.

It would land, rest for minutes, and then fly up, only to pop by a minute or two later. We kept saying how lucky it was that Mister F wasn’t there, and I got up close and personal too, taking a few shots with my phone.

And it just kept coming back.

And it just kept coming back.

And then it hit me. And I said “butterfly, how interesting that you keep coming back, do you want me to know something?”

And I swear, the butterfly flew off, and didn’t come back.

Had I received the message? Hmmm. It did its job then. 💖🦋

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