#2066 Tangled up

I had a really lovely day out and about with baby girl… at the park, enjoying the sunshine, getting an ice cream and strutting down the Main Street…

But it wasn’t until we were all on the couch at the end of the night, eating pizza and watching a Disney movie that I felt really content.

Baby girl has been hassling us for a movie night for a week now. So she got her wish. We put on Tangled, Disney’s most recent version of the Rapunzel tale, and watched it from start to end.

Things like this don’t happen as a parent. You’re constantly catching bits here, bits there. Maybe some of the start, the end, and a handful of scenes in between.

You think you know the movie, but until you watch it all, you can’t really come to understand everything, and appreciate it in all its Disney-esque beauty.

I already loved it, but I love it even more now! What was surprising was how much Hubbie enjoyed it. Well it does star his mate, Eugene… it’s our little family joke that Eugene, and Kristoff from Frozen, are Hubbie’s ‘mates,’ not just because they’re the guys, but because baby girl has them in doll form, and often she ropes him into voicing their parts when she wants him to play dolls with her. 🀣

So his mate was in it, the male interest comic relief, so that was good. πŸ˜€ A strong-willed heroine, some interesting animal sidekicks, an evil witch, and a fascinating story… all with a happy ending.

All from the comfort of our couch. 😊

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