#2067 How to love a cat

I stepped outside this morning onto the sunny deck.

I sat on the edge, the warm wood pressing into my hands as I leant forward.

He saw me. He immediately prowled over.

He wove underneath my legs, making sure his fur left patches everywhere he pressed. I gave him a good pat, moving my hands down his body like a comb, and he agreed by standing very still and taking it all in.

I paused, letting my hands hang in front of me. He too paused, then turned around towards my hand and gave it a strong nudge with his nose, his action saying “pat me!”

I really enjoy these moments with Mister F. I am in the presence of someone who loves and depends on me… someone who I too, love and depend on, and yet there are no words.

We are in silence, just taking in the environment. I breathe in and out and I watch him.

I remember the day we brought him home, how even after the decision to take him was made, I was still unsure. This cat lover, not sure about having a cat?

It wasn’t about having a cat. It was about loving a cat, and then going through all of the highs, and all of the lows.

I had really felt the lows in the past.

But you can’t live life fearing love, fearing connection, fearing anything that may come out of bringing something special into your life.

Because it’s not a life if you avoid it. Life is everything… the good, the bad. The highs, the lows. And the very many in-betweens.

Like Mister F, me and the deck. Just sitting and being in this very present space.

And it was truly beautiful.

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