#2115 Time to stop

It was a gorgeous day, wasn’t it? To get out and about, be in the sunshine, maybe head to the beach…

Meanwhile, I was indoors most of the day.

I was feeling under the weather, and therefore spent most of the day on the couch, lying or sitting, and watching TV.

Somewhere in between my Friends seasons 9-10 marathon, and re-watching Sebastian Maniscalco’s stand-up, I pondered the following…

Would I ever stop, if my body didn’t make me?

The answer is so simple: NO.

There is no chance I would sit down and put my feet up if I was even half-good today. Hell, I even found a gap of energy and went and did the grocery shopping, and then proceeded to lie on the couch again, that’s how unable I am to sit still and relax, even when my body is crying out to me too!

So, I just accepted it, like everything else.

Let it come. Let it go. Relax. Lie down. Put your feet up.

There will be other days to be productive.

And breathe out.

#2114 Festive neighbours

We had a stroll to our neighbour’s house tonight.

Every year they put the Christmas lights around their house without fail.

They do so diligently and with good cheer, and I know this without knowing them personally because these are the same neighbours that sent little notes of support with chocolate during the first big lockdown last year, and then followed on with a Christmas message and another chocolate come end of the year.

The message on the front of their house kind of speaks volumes about them too.

Faith Hope Love. It’s what we all want, what we all need.

And yet it’s kinda always in us, isn’t it?

It’s a beautiful reminder at this festive time of year.

Thanks neighbour. 💖

#2112 Sweet cheeks

Awww. We met a beautiful baby boy tonight. 😍

He is precious, and so perfect. We all thought so, and all felt the love and sheer adoration as we had turns holding him.

Awww. I feel that is all I can say. So glad to meet you little man. 💖

And as I whispered to him “we are going to get very well acquainted, ok?”


It was bestie’s newborn, and it was just beautiful being out and about with friends. It’s something I am still paying gratitude to, and which I’m still not able to wrap my head around… freedom.

But gee, it feels good!

#2111 Friday night boho surprise

It’s always a nice surprise when something you love presents itself to you… on a Friday night.

The epitome of chill nights. Ahhh.

We stumbled upon the Bohemian Rhapsody movie, the Queen/Freddie Mercury biopic.

The first time I saw it… it was ok, but I was peeved. Rami Malek was not in any way Freddie Mercury. Was this the best they could do to represent the best frontman of all time?

The second time I saw it… I was entertained. I was starting to actually enjoy it.

Now tonight, I was really happy to leave it on. Channel 9 have followed the movie with a Queen and Adam Lambert documentary, and it’s honestly the loveliest thing to relax with, on what was the week of the 30th anniversary of Freddie’s passing.

I read something interesting, that Rami lip-syncs in the movie, but not to Freddie’s voice… it’s actually a mix of two voices.

They needed two voices, to match a legend, and they STILL couldn’t get it right! 🤣

Long Live Freddie, you absolute legend. 💪💖

#2109 A year on

I woke today, and within moments my phone offered up a memory from this time last year.

It hit me.

It was the anniversary of my procedure.

Flashes and thoughts, sounds, people, feelings swept through me. Who was there, what they said, how I felt. How I coped. I shared it all with Hubbie as we lay in bed, before getting up and the day officially began. We moved on.

But I hadn’t really. Because after we had dropped off baby girl at school and had some brunch, we had time to walk down to the beach, and why the hell not, the day was gorgeous.

And we got to the top of the walkway that leads down to the beach, right here…

And I began to cry.

Emotions, feelings spilled out of me, and lucky I had my sunnies on. We made our way to the sand and watched a high school class get a lesson on rowing canoes, and we just took it in and paid gratitude that we were there.

But I couldn’t help but go back to that day, last year, multiple times. On top of thinking of my personal anniversary, I was reminded of another… my favourite front-man, Freddie Mercury died on this day 30 years ago.

How interesting that an anniversary signalling the end of someone’s life, could be an anniversary of a new beginning for someone else?

And it could also be just an in between, a point in time to separate two different identities, opinions, thoughts or ways of life, a point in time where nothing really changed…

Whether your day, or your personal anniversary, is good or bad, just like the sun rises at the beginning of it, so too does it set on it.

And I pondered this all as I looked at the sky tonight. Good, bad, it all ends. Be humble. Good times end.

But so do bad times. Have hope, and be grateful.


#2108 Deck the deck with…

Tonight we went to Bunnings… and we stayed much longer than planned. 😁😁

We didn’t go home with anything huge, but we have placed an order. A very exciting order. Something we have been coveting for a loooong time…

So although I won’t say anymore, in approximately 7-10 business days (earlier if we’re lucky) we might get a special early Christmas present from Santa… only this was used with our money, so it’s nowhere near as fun. 🤣

Fingers crossed Santa’s workshop has it in stock!

#2107 The to-do lists

I am just a little bit

I am completely blaming it on lockdown. We have been living under a rock for so long, that we’ve held off on everything because we have to, but then we can’t do it all at once, can we?


Or at least, I do.

I woke up today rightly flustered. I had a work day ahead, school drop off and pick up, after school swimming, and then the rest of the day felt like this

So I forced myself to take it slow.

I did one thing here, one thing there.

Snuck things in at the work desk (shhh).

Made phone calls.

Ran to the bakery.

Typed messages and sent emails while baby girl did laps of the pool.

And then after a post-dinner workout, I got my laptop out and started crossing more off from one of my lists.

I have so many to-do lists. I probably change them every week, but some days are so busy I need a whole page for a day. I just feel like everything is open, everything is starting again… so much is on, there are payments, birthdays, events, and I actually forgot what date my annual KK was on, until Hubbie pointed out I completely had the wrong day!

I am officially losing it… well I was, but things are ticked off the list, and it feels a little itsy teeny bit lighter.

Ahh, the good ol’ to-do list.

Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com

If only it were THAT easy. ⬆⬆⬆⬆

#2106 Room for musings

I felt super erratic and scattered as we headed into a shopping centre today.

We were happy, we were finally out and about shopping… yay! But I found myself unable to commit to one shop for very long, my mind kept wandering, and I kept thinking ‘next time, next time.’

I think because there is so much I’ve missed out on, and so much to shop for because we’ve been unable to for so long, I felt I couldn’t allow myself to be too long in any place… but this in turn left me not being able to get much, and leaving the centre almost dissatisfied.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to focus on one or two things and dedicate myself solely to that as I head back into the shopping swing of things, and if anything happens or I stumble across something great, well bonus!

Perhaps I’m in a musing state of mind because of our second last stop of the shopping adventure. I went into Readings as I have been coveting a copy of Rumi’s poetry… and I found it!

I was very happy to buy this, and I think I will keep it as a bit of a coffee table book, looking up pieces here and there. I read the beginning, and learned he was a Persian poet who lived in the 1200s.

Here’s a snippet of one poem I came across:

“if you don’t have

enough madness in you

go and rehabilitate yourself

if you’ve lost a hundred times

the chess game of this life

be prepared to lose one more

if you’re the wounded string

of a harp on this stage

play once more then resonate no more.”

And this goes on for a few more paragraphs, but then last two really stuck out to me. They made me think:

…”you’ve never really listened

to what God has always

tried to tell you

yet you keep hoping

after your mock prayers

salvation will arrive.”

Wow. A real thinker. Looking forward to discovering more. 🙏💖