#2106 Room for musings

I felt super erratic and scattered as we headed into a shopping centre today.

We were happy, we were finally out and about shopping… yay! But I found myself unable to commit to one shop for very long, my mind kept wandering, and I kept thinking ‘next time, next time.’

I think because there is so much I’ve missed out on, and so much to shop for because we’ve been unable to for so long, I felt I couldn’t allow myself to be too long in any place… but this in turn left me not being able to get much, and leaving the centre almost dissatisfied.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to focus on one or two things and dedicate myself solely to that as I head back into the shopping swing of things, and if anything happens or I stumble across something great, well bonus!

Perhaps I’m in a musing state of mind because of our second last stop of the shopping adventure. I went into Readings as I have been coveting a copy of Rumi’s poetry… and I found it!

I was very happy to buy this, and I think I will keep it as a bit of a coffee table book, looking up pieces here and there. I read the beginning, and learned he was a Persian poet who lived in the 1200s.

Here’s a snippet of one poem I came across:

“if you don’t have

enough madness in you

go and rehabilitate yourself

if you’ve lost a hundred times

the chess game of this life

be prepared to lose one more

if you’re the wounded string

of a harp on this stage

play once more then resonate no more.”

And this goes on for a few more paragraphs, but then last two really stuck out to me. They made me think:

…”you’ve never really listened

to what God has always

tried to tell you

yet you keep hoping

after your mock prayers

salvation will arrive.”

Wow. A real thinker. Looking forward to discovering more. šŸ™šŸ’–

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