#2107 The to-do lists

I am just a little bit

I am completely blaming it on lockdown. We have been living under a rock for so long, that we’ve held off on everything because we have to, but then we can’t do it all at once, can we?


Or at least, I do.

I woke up today rightly flustered. I had a work day ahead, school drop off and pick up, after school swimming, and then the rest of the day felt like this

So I forced myself to take it slow.

I did one thing here, one thing there.

Snuck things in at the work desk (shhh).

Made phone calls.

Ran to the bakery.

Typed messages and sent emails while baby girl did laps of the pool.

And then after a post-dinner workout, I got my laptop out and started crossing more off from one of my lists.

I have so many to-do lists. I probably change them every week, but some days are so busy I need a whole page for a day. I just feel like everything is open, everything is starting again… so much is on, there are payments, birthdays, events, and I actually forgot what date my annual KK was on, until Hubbie pointed out I completely had the wrong day!

I am officially losing it… well I was, but things are ticked off the list, and it feels a little itsy teeny bit lighter.

Ahh, the good ol’ to-do list.

Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com

If only it were THAT easy. ⬆⬆⬆⬆

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