#2109 A year on

I woke today, and within moments my phone offered up a memory from this time last year.

It hit me.

It was the anniversary of my procedure.

Flashes and thoughts, sounds, people, feelings swept through me. Who was there, what they said, how I felt. How I coped. I shared it all with Hubbie as we lay in bed, before getting up and the day officially began. We moved on.

But I hadn’t really. Because after we had dropped off baby girl at school and had some brunch, we had time to walk down to the beach, and why the hell not, the day was gorgeous.

And we got to the top of the walkway that leads down to the beach, right here…

And I began to cry.

Emotions, feelings spilled out of me, and lucky I had my sunnies on. We made our way to the sand and watched a high school class get a lesson on rowing canoes, and we just took it in and paid gratitude that we were there.

But I couldn’t help but go back to that day, last year, multiple times. On top of thinking of my personal anniversary, I was reminded of another… my favourite front-man, Freddie Mercury died on this day 30 years ago.

How interesting that an anniversary signalling the end of someone’s life, could be an anniversary of a new beginning for someone else?

And it could also be just an in between, a point in time to separate two different identities, opinions, thoughts or ways of life, a point in time where nothing really changed…

Whether your day, or your personal anniversary, is good or bad, just like the sun rises at the beginning of it, so too does it set on it.

And I pondered this all as I looked at the sky tonight. Good, bad, it all ends. Be humble. Good times end.

But so do bad times. Have hope, and be grateful.


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