#2156 Angel bracelet

When I’m working from home I try to encourage baby girl to get outside, play with the cat, or do something creative… anything to get her away from the ipad (even though it still happens).

I worked today…

but Mister F was having an adventure and it was super hot out in the sun.

So she got creative and started making bracelets from one of the many kits she’s received recently. She sits quietly and loves putting different bead and letter combinations together, and I swear if we were to put all her home-made bracelets together (remember the looms?) she’d have over 100!

But I love it. It’s creative, I don’t care. Let there be 200!

She said she was making me one, and came and measured the string against my wrist. I cut it to size for her and then went back to work, and soon, she showed me her beautiful work.

Awww! And you know what I said to her?

“Isn’t that funny? You think I’m an angel, but you’re the real angel.” 💖😇

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