#2157 Making the most of home – interlude

When it’s summer…

When it’s warm…

Add to that, when you live near the beach…

The sense of obligation you feel to get out on those days that you are free, is IMMENSE. Throw in two years of covid, and you can understand why so many of us are feeling like we need to do everything and live every moment, while we can.

I’ve been playing catch up for a while, and I had all those boring house routine jobs to do, and yet a part of me felt like I had to, I wanted to do them. Like washing a billion loads, packing away the Christmas tree and decorations, tidying the house…

And yet, it was warm. I knew it would be a beautiful beach day. Other days during the week would turn stormy, and besides, those days I was both working and busy. Today I was free.

But no. I wanted to stay home. I wanted to do my stuff, catch up, breathe, and feel like I was getting a bit of a handle on life.

So we did. We stayed home. I had the air con on, we chilled, yet were productive. I did my washing. I got all the Christmas tree and decorations down, and baby girl and I watched Friends while eating ice cream for our afternoon snack.

But we had a small interlude before all of our stay-home business. I wanted to get out, if only for a little in the morning, knowing that we’d be home for the rest of the day.

Baby girl and I walked down to our local cafe, and sat down and indulged in some cheese toasties, a choc-chip cookie, and coffee and babycino.

I asked her a question that I ask often when she is on holidays: “what do you want to do, where do you want to go or visit on our holidays?”

First she said she wanted to go to Disneyland. 🤣

“Where do you wanna go that we CAN go to?” 🤦‍♀️🤣

She replied with things like shopping, beaches, and cafes.

“Oh honey. Such simple things?”

They are the best. 🙏💖

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